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Find Out What Co-Founder, Nick Barshick, Keeps in His Gym Bag

We asked Nick Barshick, a co-founder and partner in Chuze Fitness, about what he packs in his gym bag so you can see how his bag stacks up against yours.

Published: 10/2/17

It’s a staple for any ardent gym goer: the gym bag. It carries our towels, clothes, snacks…in short, all our stuff.  What we take with us says a lot about what kind fitness fanatic or neophyte we may be. We got the chance to ask Nick Barshick, a co-founder and partner in Chuze Fitness, about what he packs in his gym bag so you can see how his bag stacks up against yours.

You’re on your way out the door in a rush…is your gym bag packed the night prior? Or, are you an on-the-fly type of guy?

I always pack my gym bag the night prior. Two or three days a week my workout begins at 7AM, so it’s important for me to prepare everything the night before.

Do you always bring a gym bag with you? If not, what necessities do you always have with you for a workout even if you forget the gym bag?

I always bring a gym bag with extra toiletries in case I have time to exercise and I want to shower. It’s also important that I have my phone and earbuds for music.

Is music important to your workout? Who or what is on your playlist?

Music is critical to solo gym workouts. The coach’s playlist in a team training session is also very important. Music can add energy to your workout and keep you focused. I listen to a lot of hip hop, rock, and alternative rock while exercising generally.

What are two must-haves we’ll find in your gym bag every day of the week?

I always carry a mouthpiece because I am a jiu-jitsu student. I also always have chewing gum for regular gym workouts.

Do you pack snacks or protein in your gym bag?

It’s very important to get the right nutrition around workouts. If you’re unable to get a post workout recovery shake or some kind of healthy food immediately after your workout then I would definitely recommend carrying at least a protein bar for recovery.

Would we find a jump rope in your bag?

Jumping rope is a very challenging workout that requires balance, coordination, conditioning, and timing. I don’t jump rope simply because I’m terrible at doing it— because it’s so hard!

What might we be surprised to learn you carry with you in your gym bag?

I always carry a Hefty trash bag inside my gym bag. After jiu-jitsu my gi is really gross and it goes right into the trash bag until I’m able to get it into the wash.

Anything you want to share about your fitness regimen to inspire Chuze members?

It’s important to mix it up but to always maintain the habit of staying active. I go in and out of focusing more on surfing, jiu-jitsu, solo gym workouts, or team training sessions. For the last couple years, my passion for jiu-jitsu has resurfaced so that has been my priority. Solo gym workouts are a great supplement to jiu-jitsu and help out a lot when I’m on the road like I am right now.

If you’re looking to make a change to your lifestyle I recommend doing it in small steps. Say you’re wanting to become active again, but it’s been few years: It’s way better to start off just a day or two a week and focus on making that a habit first. Make two days a week your routine. Then you can build upon that. It’s incredible how small lifestyle adjustments can generate major results over time!

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