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Chuze Love: The Story of Members Arlene and David

Meet Arlene and David, Chuze Fitness members who have found their forever love and want to share their beautiful story with you.

Published: 2/10/20

Chuze Love: The Story of Members Arlene and David

Love. People say it happens when you least expect it, and for many of us, that is true! It is a strange feeling to unconditionally love someone so much so that you want to spend your life with them, but as they say, “When you know, you know.” Over the years, we have heard so many stories of our members and team members falling in love. We have seen them get married, have children, and grow beautiful relationships that developed on the gym floor. And, since this is the time of year where love is on our minds, we wanted to highlight a few of those beautiful stories for you. Today, you will meet two of our members with a beautiful love story.  

Meet Arlene and David

Arlene Flores, born and raised in Anaheim, CA, and a DIY and crafting expert was scrolling through Instagram one day (as a lot of us do) and came across a profile that piqued her interest. It was that of David Macedo, a commercial driver from Lynwood, CA, who is passionate about his life on the road. She was intrigued by his photos and decided to like a few—and the spark ignited. David soon found himself messaging Arlene, and after a couple of weeks, they decided to meet in-person.

The Beginning

Their relationship started off as many do, having fun out on the town, and quickly turned into a deep connection that made them want to create lasting memories together. They decided that seeing each other a few days a week due to long commutes simply wasn’t enough. When they found out they were having a baby, they knew it was time to move in together and start their lives as a family. “[…] We’ve grown to become amazing parents and now taking that next step to be an amazing husband and wife team.”

When They Knew

We love those gushy, heart-filled moments here at Chuze, and when we asked David and Arlene how they knew when they were in love, their answers gave us butterflies! David answered, “I knew I loved Arlene from the moment I saw the amazing personality, loving, caring, and love she gave to me. My love grew when she gave me the greatest gift of all, giving birth to our son.” Arlene was willing to go the extra mile for love, “I knew I loved David when I found myself always wanting to be with him. We lived at least 30 minutes away from each other (with SoCal traffic, the commute could easily turn into 40 minutes), and I would still always manage to drive out to hang out with him. The fact that I hated not being around him is when I knew I loved this guy.” 

The Proposal

This love lead to a beautiful proposal at the happiest place on earth, “Our proposal was literally a fairytale proposal. We decided to take our son to his first Disneyland trip on March 3rd, 2018. After a long, fun day of rides, we were headed back towards the exit, and as we were walking through Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, David suggested our friend Vanessa take a few pictures of us. As she’s snapping away at the camera, I see David slowly getting to one knee. He started saying something, but by that point, everyone around us started clapping, so I couldn’t even make out what he was saying. I just remember nodding yes, yes, YES! The rest of the night, we were both on cloud 9.”

David on the left and Arlene on the right, posing in the center of a road in front of a house. They are both wearing black, long-sleeve Chuze Fitness shirts from the Chuze Origin collection.

The Love Pounds

Sometimes, as we settle into love, we can push our health and fitness goals to the side. After realizing that they had packed on some of the “love pounds” we often hear about, Arlene and David decided to take action, “Our love of each other also led us to enjoy our love of food. As we all know, being in a relationship can sometimes lead to a few extra “love pounds.” In this case, it was more than just a few. We both decided it was time to start a journey to healthier lifestyles. Not only for ourselves, but for our son. We joined the gym and promised to be each other’s biggest support system and keep each other motivated, accountable, and determined. Gyms can be scary places when you walk in for the first time. The fact that all the employees at Chuze always acknowledge us as we go in and work out played a huge role in us both feeling comfortable enough to keep going back.”

The Memories

We would be remiss not to ask this beautiful couple about their favorite memories at Chuze Fitness. To our delight, they even worked in a fabulous Valentine’s date idea for you to try this year! “One of our favorite memories takes us back to our first month at Chuze in Garden Grove, Ca. I, Arlene, had a goal to be able to run a mile on the treadmill nonstop. I remember every time I would finish with a better time than my previous run, David would always high five me with the biggest smile and tell me how proud he was of me. Another memory that stands out was our first Valentine’s Day at Chuze. We decided to ditch the fancy dinner and spend our night on a romantic date at Chuze.” (Now that’s an idea worth stealing!)

Their Favorite Things

Now, after almost six years, a child, a proposal, and a whole lot of memories, Arlene and David still find their favorite attributes in each other. Arlene shared with us her favorite thing about David, “I love that David is the MOST supportive person ever. Through my weight loss journey and through my journey of finding myself as a person once again, never once has he given up on pushing me to be a better person than I was the day before. He’s also the most loving, and funniest person I know. But to top all that, he’s a great father and fiancé.” And David shares a similar sentiment, “I love that Arlene is a very loving and caring person. She has given me the strength to push myself to be healthier, and most of all, helping me quit my bad habits. She is amazing, kind, and really sweet in every possible way. She is very supportive and down to earth. She is an amazing mother to our son.”

Their Advice

Often, when we are in love or looking for love, we want to find advice from couples that inspire us. So, we thought we would ask David and Arlene to share their best advice, “If we could give advice on love, it would be to never give up on love. In whatever you do, always lead with love. Especially for the couples out there, never forget why you fell in love: Grow together and never apart. Continue to push and motivate each other because you are each other’s biggest cheerleaders.”

Their Achievements

Throughout their relationship, Arlene and David have accomplished so much. They wanted to share one of their successes with you, our Chuze Family, “Thanks to our teamwork and constant support of one another, David has managed to lose 50 lbs, and I, Arlene, 118 lbs since joining a Chuze. Without each other there to get us going out the door every day, we wouldn’t have been able to get this done.”

A beautiful relationship is about teamwork, making sure that you are supportive of one another, and that you act in love in everything you do. Thank you, Arlene and David, for reminding us to keep on moving forward even when times get hard, and for sharing your love story with us all. You have inspired our team, and we are so proud of you for all of your hard work and wish you the best as you plan your next step—the wedding. 

We are so grateful for all of you, our members, for leading with love and kindness as you walk through the gym doors every day. If you have a love story that you would like to share with our team, send it our way at [email protected]. We cannot wait to hear from you!

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