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Beginner’s Guide To The Gym 

Check out our latest blog post for a beginner’s guide to the gym. Read now to learn more and get started!

Published: 10/17/19

Beginner’s Guide To The Gym 

You have a ton of options when it comes to a gym membership. And while we hope you choose Chuze, we want to give you tips to make sure that you pick the perfect gym for you. Our goal with the Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to the Gym is to prepare you as you begin your fitness journey and to get you comfortable as you hit your fitness goals. Check out our beginner’s guide below.

Before You Come Into The Gym

1 | Set A Goal And Stick To It

It is essential to find your “why” for working out. What goals do you have and what steps do you need to put in place to reach them? Break down a big goal, like run a marathon, into small attainable goals and chart a course that you can handle. Maybe you start by jogging 20 minutes a day, slowly get to 3.1km, and then move up from there as the weeks and months go on. You should give yourself kudos along the way and enjoy all of the small victories that you achieve.

2 | Set A Consistent Routine

For your routine, try to find something that works with your schedule and not against it. Do you have to leave work on Monday, take your kids right to soccer practice, and then cook dinner? Then Mondays might not be the best time to schedule your workout. Find out which days and times work for you, add them to your schedule and stick to it. Don’t be afraid to start small, either. By starting small, you can achieve your goals and then work your way up from there.

3 | Have A Plan

We have all had those days where we get to the gym, circle around the space for a few minutes, lay down on the yoga mat, and leave (or, maybe that’s just us). It’s because coming up with a plan on the spot and after you’ve already had a hard day at work, or just woke up, can be intimidating. Try to plan out your workouts in advance. Here is a plan that we suggest (regardless of your fitness level):

  • Week 1: Full Body Split
  • Week 2: Upper Body & Lower Body
  • Week 3: Push, Pull, Legs
  • Week 4: Full Body Split

A Few Things To Keep In Mind

1 | Getting Here Is A Win

You often hear, “The hardest part about going to the gym is going to the gym.” It’s true. After life happens, the last thing a lot of us want to do is exert what is left of our energy for an hour at the end of the day. But, just stepping into the gym is a win in and of itself. You’ve made it here. Now, give yourself some credit!

2 | Nobody Is Watching You

Gyms are intimidating to some of us as well. We see people who seemingly have it all figured out and start to think that they are watching us and judging us for our workouts. But, you need to lean in for this one—we are all at the gym for the same reason—all of us. No one is watching you. If anything, they want to be your support system and cheer you on as you accomplish all of the goals you’ve set before you.

3 | Go At Your Own Pace

You are not going to run a marathon overnight. Heck, you might not even run at all to start. That’s fantastic! Everybody starts somewhere, and your starting point will probably be different than the person next to you. Find out how you can push your body without overdoing it. Set those attainable goals and get to attaining!

4 | Stretching Is Important

We often overlook stretching. Especially after a hard workout when we want to leave. But, stretching after an exercise is essential to prevent injury. So, schedule 5-10 minutes at the end of each workout to focus on stretching out those muscles.

5 | Wipe Down Your Machine After Use

We don’t want to sit in or step into your sweat. Be a great patron of the gym and wipe down your gym equipment after use. By doing so, you are helping us keep a clean and gorgeous space for everyone to enjoy.

Equipment To Bring

  • A reusable water bottle to stay hydrated!
  • Comfortable gym attire
  • A gym towel
  • Gym gloves
  • Headphones for your music

When You Arrive

When you get to the gym, don’t be shy. The team is here to help you. Spend your first couple of days getting familiar with the facility. Find the locker rooms, pool, studios, cardio equipment, and strength sections and then figure out how you want to structure your routine to reach your goals. Here are a few tips!

  • Get a tour from a team member
  • Walk on a treadmill for 10-20 minutes and get the lay of the land
  • Test out a few machines, but keep it light

Exercise Areas

Most gyms are into split into three general areas:

1 | The Cardio Section

In the cardio section, you will find cardio machines like the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike, stair climber, rowing machine, and more. The cardio section is a great place to start when adding cardio into your routine.

2 | The Strength Section

In the strength section, you can find free weights (think dumbbells and barbells) and machines for weight training. To begin, get your form down with machines. Once you feel confident, try out the free weights for a more versatile strength workout.

3 | Stretching Areas

You can find a designated stretching area at most gyms. Whether that be on the turf or in another section of the gym, find a spot and end your workout with a five to ten-minute stretch.

The first few weeks at the gym can be intimidating, but remember, this is a lifestyle change. Make small and consistent changes, and they will add up to tremendous results. Stick to your plan, and don’t overwork yourself. You will be so glad you started! You can visit any of our locations for a quick tour of the gym and a fantastic workout. We hope to see you soon!

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