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At-Home Workouts

At-Home Workout Equipment

Looking for the perfect at-home workout equipment for your routine? Check out our favorite home gym equipment here!

Published: 11/12/20

At-Home Workout Equipment

At-home workouts are the perfect way to stay active at the time that is most convenient for you. If you are looking for ways to stay fit at home, we put together a list of home workout equipment that everyone could use. 

A Yoga Mat

You know what? Your yoga mat might just be the most versatile piece of home gym equipment there is. You can use your yoga mat as the home base for where you stretch, meditate, practice yoga, do core workouts, and more. Direct contact with the floor—carpeted or not—is uncomfortable. A yoga mat provides a warm place to place your hands and feet, gives you padding for comfort, is easy to wipe off and disinfect at the end of a workout, and is an excellent way to mark your workout space. You can grab a Chuze yoga mat, bottle, and towel in our discounted workout bundle here

Resistance Bands

We love resistance bands for their compact size, making them easy to fit into any space—but they are beneficial for so much more than that. Resistance bands can be used to improve your flexibility, mobility, work on stabilization, build strength, and so much more. Resistance bands are also affordable options to add to your home gym

Light Dumbbell Set

One of the benefits of taking a strength training group exercise class is that you start to learn which weight levels you prefer when working out, and you may even notice that a little weight goes a long way. The same is true for weightlifters who learn how much they like to lift for each workout. So, if you know which weights, or the range of weight that you prefer, you can grab them online. Another fantastic option is the adjustable weight sets. We love these, which range from 5-52.5 pounds. Perfect for families with varying weight requirements, and super easy to store. 

TRX Ropes (Suspension Training)

If you have been to a Team Training class in one of our clubs, you know that we l-o-v-e TRX ropes. They were invented with a compact design in mind by a Navy Seal who needed to stay in great shape without any equipment. He found that he could use his jiu-jitsu belts to get a great workout and later created TRX suspension ropes. You can do planks, push-ups, pull-ups, squats, lunges, triceps, biceps, core, making this equipment perfect for a full-body workout.

Your TV or Smart Device

Now, we can bet that you have some sort of smart device or TV because you are reading this. If that’s the case, you have a wonderful piece of workout equipment right in your hands. But how? In your hand (on your lap, wall, or console) is a multitude of information. You can find sweat-inducing workouts, yoga, meditation, and more, all with the touch of a button.

What’s more, is we have created a platform just for you. iChuze Fitness will allow you to bring your favorite Chuze workouts into your home or wherever you go. With a special focus on the body (fitness), mind (yoga, meditation, and self-care), and heart (kindness), you will be sure to find something just for you. 

Your Own Body

Keeping a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to cost you anything in terms of equipment. Yes, it would be wonderful if you can have state-of-the-art-gym equipment in your home, but for most of us, that is unrealistic. Luckily, we were all born with the best home workout equipment of all time, our bodies. Bodyweight workouts are uber effective, and you can take them with you wherever you go. Check out our resources on bodyweight workouts on our website.

If you are looking for some home gym equipment ideas for your home gym, we hope to provide you with helpful info to understand what to look for. Try out iChuze Fitness for free today and become a part of the Chuze Family wherever you go.

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