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7 Ways To “Chuze” Kindness today

These days, it is more important than ever to choose kindness. Check out our 7 tips and be kind to yourself, the environment, and others today!

Published: 4/16/20

7 Ways To “Chuze” Kindness today

With these uncertain times ahead of us, it is more important than ever to choose kindness every day. We gathered some ideas to spread kindness, whether that is to others, the environment, or even ourselves. Check out our top 7 ways to “Chuze” kindness today!

1 | Call A Loved One Just To Check In

Yellow Kindness tip of the day graphic with a rotary phone that says "Call a loved one just to say hello."

A simple, “Hello!” and a sincere “how are you?” are sometimes all it takes to turn someone’s entire day around. For those who are alone in their homes now due to the stay-at-home order, these days can get quite lonely. Why not take some time out of your day to call a loved one or two and say hello. You may even find that calling a loved one makes your day ten times brighter!

Got multiple people to chat with? How about using apps like FaceTime, House Party, Marco Polo, or Zoom? You can get your entire family or friend group together and have a video call party! Want to up the ante? Have everyone on the call dress up as their favorite Disney character. A themed video call party could be just what your heart needs! 

2 | Do Some Spring Cleaning

Yellow Kindness Tip Of The Day Graphic with cleaning supplies that says "Do Some Spring Cleaning."

Kindness isn’t always about what we do for others, sometimes it is what we do for ourselves (and—in this case—anyone who lives with us). The places we live and spend our time has a direct effect on our outlook on life

According to one study on women, those with tidier homes showed to have fewer instances of depression overall. Another study by Princeton University showed that clutter in the workspace made it more difficult for participants to focus on their task at hand. So, be kind to yourself and tidy up a space that is stressing you out today!

3 | Start A Compost Bin

Yellow Kindness Tip Of The Day Graphic with a compost bin and apple core that says, "Start a compost bin."

When we asked ourselves, “What does kindness mean?” being kind to the environment was at the forefront of our discussion. One simple way to reduce waste in the landfill and send a little love letter to your garden is to start a compost bin. Turning healthy compost into your soil not only makes your plants happy, but it makes them bigger and more beautiful. Imagine looking out in your garden and seeing bigger flowers in your yard than ever before—would it bring a smile to your face? With almost 30% of what we send to the landfill being kitchen scraps and yard trimmings, we can significantly reduce the amount of methane released into our atmosphere by starting to compost. You can compost so much of what you throw away at home—even hair! 

Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Get a compost bin with a lid
  2. Fill it with kitchen scraps and any other compostable trash
  3. Drop it off at your local drop-off location or back yard compost bin!

It’s that easy, and it will make you feel great about the love you show to the environment. 

4 | Share A Meal With Your Household (Or Virtually With A Friend!)

Yellow Kindness Tip Of The Day graphic with soup and a sandwich that says, "Share a meal with your household or virtually with a friend."

One of the greatest joys in life is gathering with the ones you love around a meal. That tradition does not have to end just because we are to stay home. In fact, you may even have more time on your hands to finally bake some homemade bread and make the yummiest meal ever for your family. If you live alone, don’t worry! Use one of the video chat apps to coordinate a meal with your best friend(s), grandparents, mom, dad, kids, or anyone else that you love to share a meal with. Either have them bring a snack to the chat or maybe surprise them with a box of pizza right before you call! There are many beautiful ways for us to stay connected and share memories with those that we love during this time.

5 | Bring Groceries To An Elderly Neighbor

Yellow Kindness Tip Of The Day graphic with grocery bags that says, "Bring groceries to an elderly neighbor."

For our elderly neighbors who spend so much of their time sharing their wisdom and love with us, this time is especially hard. For many of them, the fear of going to the store, or difficulty getting there is keeping them from the grocery runs they might typically do. Why not give an elderly loved one a call the next time you go to the store and see what they might need. You can drop the bag off on their doorstep and maybe even leave them a sweet note to let them know you are thinking of them and here for them during this time.

6 | Remind A Loved One Of How Much You Care

Yellow Kindness Tip Of The Day graphic with an illustration of two girls that says, "Remind a loved one of how much you care."

We can get wrapped up in our own lives pretty easily. There is nothing wrong with focusing inward and prioritizing self-care, but remember to tell your loved ones that you care about them in the process. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture or anything, but maybe DM them, text them, send an email and simply say, “I am here for you if you need anything.” We are all in this together, and sometimes we need to remind the people we love that we care.

7 | Write to A Loved One

Yellow Kindness Tip Of The Day graphic with a piece of paper and writing on it that says, "Write to a loved one."

With digital everything being at the forefront of our society, receiving ‘snail mail’ can be enough to make someone’s week. Maybe you’ve had some stationary sitting in storage for years, why not make use of that now! Think of three people who would love a little mailbox surprise and send them a letter letting them know that you are grateful to have them in your life. Or, just write a note on some lined paper and hide it for the people that you live with to find in your home.

How are you choosing kindness in these trying times? Join us in being kind to others, ourselves, and the environment! You can join us on Chuze On-Demand,  Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube. Tag us in your act of kindness and use the hashtag #ChuzeMovement so that we can follow your story!

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