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5 Reasons to Get Outside in Westminster, Colorado

Sometimes it’s good to get out of your comfort zone like taking a break from the gym or escaping the office life and getting outside to experience what your town has to offer. Here in Westminster, Colorado, we’re practically smack dab in the middle of Denver and Boulder, making it the epicenter of everything in the area. You probably don’t even need a car here, unless you plan on traveling to a handful of select locations that require one, like downtown Denver or the mountains.

Everything else is within walking distance, whether it’s parks and large bodies of water, or long stretches of hiking and biking trails, or somewhere in the city, like the movies, the arcade, bars, restaurants, a bowling alley, and even an insect zoo (if bugs are your thing).

It’s also home of the largest ice arena in the nation, and we may be partial, but it’s a fabulous place to spend most of your time outdoors, enjoying fresh air and sunshine. Who wants to be cooped up inside when there are fantastic views and a variety of activities waiting?

If you’re still on the fence, we’ve put together five reasons to get outside in Westminster, Colorado. Hopefully, they will motivate you to stop being a homebody, and get out already!

The Views in Westminster Are Fantastic

You’ve got the Rocky Mountains with incredible views on one side, and tons of aspects of greenery, parks, bodies of water, and even wildlife, birdlife, and beautiful flora in specific areas. If that alone isn’t reason enough to get outside and start snapping some alluring pics, we don’t know what is. No matter which way you look, you’re sure to see something gorgeous and maybe even a little awe-inspiring.

Westminster Hiking Trails Rock

And there are several of them! It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced hiker or biker, or a novice, there are a variety of trails to choose from that offer a little something for everyone. In addition to getting in a good workout with a challenging hike or bike ride, you can also hang out in parks, kayak, horseback ride, and take your four-legged friend named Rover on an exploration journey. Just remember to keep good old Rover on-leash. Also, make sure you check out the rules for the trail, as some of them only allow specific activities and some are only open during particular times of the year.

Golf Courses in Westminster Abound

There are several golf courses in Westminster, adding to the open space and beautiful views, including two championship, award-winning golf courses. One is the Walnut Creek Golf Preserve, which is an Audubon Certified Signature Sanctuary with 215 acres of mountain views, wildlife, and wild prairie grasses, all sustainably maintained. The other is the Legacy Ridge Golf Course, which boasts a Scottish links layout, Colorado-style.

Westminster, Colorado Parks Are Everywhere

There are at least 55 parks in Westminster, including a few dog parks and the Standley Lake Regional Park. Every park is different and offers different activities and amenities. Some are more kid-friendly than others, but all provide a wide variety of things to do and ways to while away the time outdoors.

Amenities include BBQ pits, climbing walls, baseball, softball, basketball courts, athletic fields, soccer fields, handicap access, horseshoe pits, pickleball, outdoor swimming pools, lakes and ponds for swimming, kayaking, fishing, playgrounds, skate parks, pavilions for rent, restrooms, tennis courts, volleyball courts, and so much more.

The Butterfly Pavilion: Westminster

Then of course, when you’d like something a little different, there’s the Butterfly Pavilion, which is a popular Westminster outdoor excursion. Family’s enjoy it immensely, and children get a kick out of the tropical rainforest room. This room houses over 1,600 butterflies, which are the namesake of the Butterfly Pavilion, along with over 5,000 other different bugs and critters.

Here you can find fish (including a real-life Dory and a real-life Nemo), bugs ranging from bees to beetle grubs, to cockroaches, and even good old Rosie the tarantula, which guests can hold if they like. The Butterfly Pavilion is also home to birds, turtles, and tortoises.

As you can see, there are so many reasons to get outside in Westminster, Colorado; the biggest obstacle is trying to narrow down which one you want to choose! Is it a good day for a hike, or a good day to bike? Is it a good day to walk around the town and window shop, or a good day to hit up the Butterfly Pavilion and take a peek at all the pretty butterflies? Did you get some new workout accessories that you’d like to take for a spin in a local park? Choices, choices! We know that whatever you decide to do, you’ll have a blast.