10 Barbecue Hacks to Stay Healthy This Labor Day

We know the feeling: You see those cheeseburgers and hot dogs sizzling on the grill, and you want toss two of those suckas in your mouth at once! OK, maybe it’s not that extreme, but when we’ve been working out all week, and eating healthy, the urge to splurge on weekends is huge (and understandable)! Now that summer is almost behind us, and we prepare for one last, tasty barbecue of the season, we’re offering up 10 tips on how you can keep your cool when it comes to the temptations on display this Labor Day.

1 | See What’s for Eats Besides Treats

Scan the spread of food beyond the chips and cookies. Take stock of what healthier options there are, and start there. You’ll be less apt to stuff your face with fattier foods if you’re already a little bit satisfied from healthier options.

2 | Opt for Salads and Fruits

This relates directly to the suggestion above: Pile your plate full of leafy greens or fresh fruit and dive in! This will set the tone for what goes in your mouth all day long.

3 | Keep Adult Beverages to a Minimum

Those ice-cold beers and glasses of wine will add up—and nobody loves a hangover.

4 | Drink Lots of Water

Replenish your body with good ol’ H2O. Staying hydrated will benefit you in many ways, including making you feel fuller.

5 | Sub in a Turkey or Veggie Burger

Burgers come in so many forms these days, and most hosts will supply you with alternatives. You only have to ask. You could also bring your own!

6 | Skip the Cheese

Our love of cheese shames us for even suggesting this, but if you’re counting calories or just looking to minimize the collateral damage of an indulgent cookout, every little choice counts.

7 | No Bun with the Burger

If you want to eat a burger with your hands, wrap that tasty, lean beef in some lettuce; or, you can put the patty on a plate with all your favorite condiments and banish the bun!

8  | Stay Social, but Move Away from the Food

You’re bound to get caught up in several lengthy chats at the Labor Day BBQ, but move away from the food! If you’re talking by the food table, you’ll be tempted to graze as you chat.

9 | Stay Active

Better yet, take that conversation on the road. Why not opt for a brisk walk around the block while you catch up with friends and family?

10 | Live a Little

Don’t deprive yourself or deny yourself. Mentally prepare yourself for the mouth-watering temptations you’ll encounter, and allow yourself to indulge… just a little a bit. C’mon, you deserve it!