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Top 10 Affordable Gym Accessories

Treat yourself to something small that can offer big returns and maximize your gym time. Here are some of our top picks for affordable gym accessories.

Published: 6/19/17

We love fitness. We really do. But, sometimes when we’re just not feeling it, we need a small dash of motivation to make going to the gym a little less snore and a little more score! One way to do this is to treat yourself to something small that can offer big returns and put your fitness game on fleek. Here are some of our top picks for affordable gym accessories that won’t break the bank, but we think might make all the difference when you’re working out.

1 | Fitness Tracker

You can wear them around your wrist, as a watch, or even as a necklace. You can pay anywhere from $20 to upwards of $250, but they might be worth the investment since they hold you accountable by tracking what you do—or don’t do. In fact, many people say trackers help them feel motivated.

The Chuze Fitness heart rate monitor, great addition to your gym accessories

2 | Bluetooth Headphones

Who wants all those pesky wires hanging around our gorgeous, sweaty faces? Sure, some can be pricey but music has a way of keeping us moving even when we think we cannot lift another weight or climb another set of stairs.

3 | Armband for your Smartphone

Unless you’re stuck in 2005, you probably have some kind of smartphone for that music of yours. But why weigh down your pockets with a phone when you can strap it to your arm and forget all about it for about $10?

Women Doing Squats in Low-Impact Strength Training Class with arm band

4 | New Pair of Running Shoes

Some might see new kicks as an indulgence, but good shoes that feel great will make all the difference—whether you work out in the gym or get your exercise in by running around the track or your own neighborhood.

5 | Workout Gear

Yeah, we know. It’s for the gym. But everyone feels good with new clothes! Plus, it’s been scientifically proven that bright colors (like yellow) energize the brain. You might just be able to push yourself a little longer or harder if you go neon!

6 | Foam Roller

Nobody wants to admit to getting older, but sometimes there are pains we can’t just “walk off.” So, rolling them out with a foam roller is a cost-effective way to loosen those knotted muscles and save on a costly trip to the ER.

7 |Pre-Workout Drinks

While pre-workout drinks have been popular with guys looking for gains for years, these drinks are not always just for men. Make sure you read your labels because they will likely contain some combination of caffeine, creatine, guarana, green tea, or other stimulants.

8 | Jump Rope

A quality jump rope won’t cost you more than 10 bucks. But, if you’re easily distracted, this jump rope will count your jumps (and calories) for you for about the same price. Don’t worry, we won’t call you lazy…you are jumping rope, after all.

9 | Ropeless Jump Rope

Yup, you read that correctly. Sure, a regular, ol’ jump rope will do—anything to keep that metabolic rate up in between sets—but we thought this was a very cool alternative for about $25. Plus, it’s easy to pack and great for tight spaces!

10 | Workout Partner

While your workout buddy probably doesn’t like being referred to as an accessory, for the purpose of this piece, he or she is. The reason? It’s been proven that having a workout partner increases productivity and commitment to a fitness routine. And the best part? Your workout buddy is free! (If you’re paying people to be friends with you, we’ve got bigger fish to fry.)

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