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We strive to provide our members with the gear they need to get fit and have fun!

circuit30 minute Express Circuit

The Chuze Express circuit combines 10 strength machines and 10 cardio-step stations. You can begin anywhere in the circuit, although we do number the machines and steps for your convenience and ask that you go in sequence. The circuit operates on a green light/red light system. When the light turns green, you begin exercising. After 60 seconds, the red light goes on, which means stop and switch to the next station. At the end of 30 minutes, you will have completed the circuit and received a great full-body workout!

Personal Training*

*Available at select locations


Looking for that extra spark in your workout? Chuze Personal Training! It’s all about YOU! Lets face it, working out sometimes isn’t all that fun.  

Chuze trainers are all about making your workout fun and rewarding so you can enjoy your results!

Find your trainer here.

Chuze Cinema*

*Available at select locations:

Now, exercising doesn’t have to feel like exercising. In our Chuze Cinema, you’ll watch full-length feature films on a movie theater projection screen — all while getting fit. Experience Chuze Cinema today and watch the time and calories fly by.

Group Classes

Vary by location


Chuze Group Classes have been designed to accommodate all levels of fitness. Our Chuze Group Instructors make the classes exciting, fun and provide YOU with a great workout! Not sure what class you want to take? Why not try them all? Group Exercise Class offerings vary by location.  Please select your desired location to view the current Class Schedule.  Have fun!

Popular Classes see all >

  • Zumba
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Insanity
  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Chuze Barre


Available at all locations.


With HydroMassage, a powerful wave of water spans the full width of the user’s body providing a powerful, heated massage. Users enjoy total relaxation while remaining comfortable and fully clothed in a private room. The system provides unlimited preset programs and allows for a fully customizable massage for the user. Learn more about the benefits of HydroMassage here.

  • Unique, open design
  • Private room
  • Traveling jet system
  • Preset Programs


Vary by location


All Chuze facilities offer state of the art tanning beds.

Indoor Cycling*

*Available at select locations

Indoor cycling is a group exercise class performed on stationary bikes. During the class you’ll simulate hill-climbing, sprints, and races. It is a fantatasic cardiovascular workout! Water and towels are a must! 

Infrared Sauna*

*Available at select locations

Far infrared sauna heater panels are designed to reproduce a specific bandwidth of light energy that perfectly matches the exact frequency at which the human body emits and absorbs the maximum amount of light energy. (7-14 microns). This section of far infrared light is able to safely heat the human body directly without creating high air temperatures in the sauna cabin. The 7-14 micron bandwidth of Far Infrared Radiant (FIR) energy achieves the maximum penetration into body tissues and produces a unique vibration at the cellular level called resonant absorption.

The process of resonant absorption helps to create physical and chemical changes within the human body that have proven to be most beneficial for numerous health problems.

The Infrared Sauna provides the following benefits:

  • Detoxification
  • Anti-Aging and Skin Purification
  • Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Cell Health
  • Improved Circulation
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Weight Loss
  • Wound Healing


Steam Room*

*Available at select locations

The steam room helps to open up airways which improves your breathing and alleviates congestion. This is highly beneficial for those that suffer from asthma and bronchitis, as it helps with sinus relief. It also increases metabolism and can aid with weight loss. Since the steam room causes you to sweat, it means that your body is losing water. As water makes up a large part of your body weight, the emission of the sweat will cause you to lose a few pounds. The sweat also helps to remove toxins and cleanses the body.


Lap Pool & Jacuzzi*

*Available at select locations 

The Premium membership includes access to our state of the art Aquamenities (Pool, jacuzzi, steam room, and infrared sauna). Available at select locations.

Kid’s Club*

*Available at select locations

*Additional Fee Required

Various Chuze locations have a kid’s club so you can get your workout done while your child has fun in a supervised, safe area. 


Team Training*

*Included in the MORE membership

Team Training is a workout designed around you. It adjusts to your current level of conditioning to enable the most productive fat loss and calorie burn possible. Utilizing cutting-edge individual heart rate monitoring technology, Chuze Team Training delivers effective and fun training in a team environment.


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