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What Exactly is Water Weight?

What is water weight? Man drinking water on hike.

Muscle is denser than fat, which means it’s smaller. Most of us know this already, but what about water weight? What is it exactly? We look into this and more in this week’s blog! […]

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What Our Trainers Eat for Breakfast

healthy omelette with spinach and nuts for breakfast

We know you’re curious, and maybe you’ve even been tempted to do it. But, you also don’t want anyone issuing a restraining order against you because you snuck a peek inside your trainer’s kitchen window early one Monday morning. Yes, we all want to see what they really eat for breakfast, but there are no […]

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5 Ways To Stay Germ-Free At The Gym

Treadmill being cleaned at Chuze Fitness

A clean gym is a happy gym. That’s why we’ve set out to be the cleanest gym in the world. Check out these tips to keep yourself healthy while you workout! […]

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The Truth About Women’s Weightlifting [Infographic]

Next time you go work out, take a look at the exercise equipment used by gender throughout the gym. Perhaps the cardio equipment is flooded with women and the weight machines and free weights are mostly dominated by men, which would not be unusual. However, recent studies show that weight training has been gaining popularity […]

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