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Here’s The Scoop On Team Training From Our Director, Robin Cortez

Team Training Chuze Fitness

Robin Cortez, Director of Team Training at Chuze Fitness, dispensed insight and wisdom on HIIT and team training that will definitely do our bodies good… if we can resist the donuts! […]

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20 Gym Memes That Will Make You Say, “Me.”

Fitness isn’t all work and no play. Check out these gym memes that will make you say, “Me.” and hopefully inspire you to be active! […]

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Here’s A List Of Our Favorite Activity Trackers

Team Training running on treadmill

With so many activity trackers on the market, it can be hard to tell which is right for you. So, we’ve put together a list the best affordable trackers in 2017! […]

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What Are the Benefits of Group Exercise Classes?

It may seem simpler to exercise by yourself. After all, when you work out alone, you can do it whenever and wherever you want – meaning you don’t have to worry about anyone else’s schedule. However, many individuals find working out in group exercise classes makes it even easier for them to reach their fitness goals. Let’s discover […]

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Fitness Class Breakdown

When it comes to taking fitness classes, most individuals select a course based on the activities they enjoy. For a full-body workout, though, you’ll need to consider the types of classes available, the muscle groups used in that class, as well as the duration and intensity of the workout. This will vary from one program […]

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Why You’ll Love Group Fitness

Most individuals are hesitant to join group fitness classes when they’re just starting a new workout regimen. Oftentimes, they are worried about their ability to keep up with the pace of the class, or they are worried that they won’t enjoy working out with other people watching. However, when an individual is able to move […]

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