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Creative Travel Workout Routines

Travel WorkoutTravel enables us to escape the confines of our daily routine. Whether we opt to travel for business or hit the road for fun, we tend to step away from the things we do every day. While that can help us unwind and reduce stress, it can also disrupt our healthy habits, like exercising. When we return home, it can be hard to resume our regular fitness routine. If you want to avoid this pitfall, check out these creative travel workout routines that can be done virtually anywhere.

Find Somewhere to Workout

First, a quick word about finding a way to keep up with your normal routine, if possible. Some gyms offer a one-time pass, or allow members to bring a guest. Before you hit the road, scope out the local gyms and, if you are visiting friends or family members, see if they can take you along on their workouts. If you are planning to stay in a hotel, check out the amenities and see if you can find one with a fitness center.

Outdoor Exercise Anywhere

Ask around to find out what the area offers as far as outdoor exercise. Look for parks and walking trails where you can stretch your legs before heading out to the day’s planned activities. Challenge a friend to some one-on-one basketball or a game of tennis if you can find a court. You can also check around to see if you can rent a bike and get a little cycling in. Outdoor exercise options allow you to both sightsee and get in a fun travel workout session.

Workout in Your Room

You can even get in a good workout without ever leaving the hotel room. When you don’t have access to traditional fitness equipment, try to creatively use what is available to you. For example, use the bed for some incline push-ups, the chair for some bench dips and your luggage for weighted squats. Aerobic workouts are also good choices on the road, and you can always find a good yoga or Pilates instructional video online.

Although taking your exercise ball on your trip is probably not an option, you can pack some lightweight equipment like a jump rope, resistance bands, or a yoga mat. Recognize that your goals might be a little different while you are traveling. Instead of worrying about bulking up, focus on improving balance, core strength and endurance. The important thing is that you are continuing the habit of working out.

Cardio Wherever You Are

Cardio exercise is not only great for keeping your heart healthy, but it also enables you to work out wherever you are. When traveling, look for opportunities to fit in a little extra cardio. If you have some wait time at the airport, take a brisk stroll rather than sitting at the gate. Use the stairs instead of opting for the quicker elevator ride. This is not the time to worry about increasing your fitness level. Just include exercise where you can, knowing you can get back to pushing your limits after your trip.

Traveling is a great opportunity to shake up your normal routine. Doing the same type of exercise over and over again can get monotonous. Use your trip to get creative with some of these unusual, but practical travel workout routines.