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5 Types Of Yoga You’ve Heard Of, But What Are They?

Woman doing yoga on a mountain for 5 types of yoga

We are breaking down these five types of yoga for you, so you can be informed about which practices are best suited for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. […]

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Here’s The Scoop On PiYo

PiYo class at Chuze Fitness for What is PiYo

You have probably heard of PiYo before, but you’ve never quite known what it is. We’re here to clear up the confusion and set the record straight. PiYo is a fitness system that is designed to work your whole body and get you into shape from head to toe. What is PiYo? The “Pi” is […]

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Do Low Impact Workouts Actually Work?

Low Impact Yoga Workout at Chuze Fitness

Jumping, lifting, and running cause a lot of strain on our bodies. With the growing popularity low impact workouts, your body can get the love it needs. […]

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Best Workouts for Women by Muscle Group

With the sun shining and the temperature warming up, you might find yourself in the mood to start getting in shape. The benefits of regular exercise range from building muscle and looking better to reducing pain and staying healthy. Whatever results you may be looking for this summer, here are some of the absolute best workouts […]

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Five Stretches to Enhance Your Workouts

Stretching is a vital part of any workout. It increases your flexibility and range of motion, allowing your body to move more easily and preventing injury. Fortunately, stretching takes practically no time at all. An effective stretching routine can take as little as five minutes. Enhance your workouts by including these five stretches in your […]

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Summertime Activities for Wintertime Athletes

If winter sports are your passion, you can still train and even boost your skill level once the temperatures rise. Staying in tip-top shape during the off-season will prevent injury and allow you to start the skiing, snowboarding and hockey season off right. A solid off-season fitness routine will not only keep you in shape, […]

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Fitness Class Breakdown

When it comes to taking fitness classes, most individuals select a course based on the activities they enjoy. For a full-body workout, though, you’ll need to consider the types of classes available, the muscle groups used in that class, as well as the duration and intensity of the workout. This will vary from one program […]

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Weight Training without the Bulk: A Woman’s Guide

When we think weights, muscle and bulk are usually what come to mind. For most men, this is what gives weights their appeal. It’s also why you’ll find the weight section of the gym flooded with men. Muscle and bulk, however, are usually not on a woman’s list of fitness goals, which is why that […]

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How to Beat the Heat in Tucson and Still Get a Good Workout

If you live in Tucson, AZ, there’s one thing that you’ve come to expect about summer – it will be hot. With temperatures typically over 100 degrees, Tucson summers often make exercising outside uncomfortable and unsafe. During the June-July monsoon season, high humidity added to already hot temperatures makes it tough to work up a […]

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Smiling: Your face’s favorite workout.

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