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16 Quotes For When You Need A Little Gym Motivation

It’s the middle of summer and—for most of us—gym motivation is far from our reach. At Chuze, we know that with barbecues, celebrations, and summer in general, it can be hard to stay on track. So, we’ve gathered the 16 motivational memes that you have liked the most over this past year and compiled them […]

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What Our Trainers Eat for Breakfast

healthy omelette with spinach and nuts for breakfast

We know you’re curious, and maybe you’ve even been tempted to do it. But, you also don’t want anyone issuing a restraining order against you because you snuck a peek inside your trainer’s kitchen window early one Monday morning. Yes, we all want to see what they really eat for breakfast, but there are no […]

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Diet Talk: You’ve Heard About Whole30, But What Is It?

fresh vegetables for what is whole30 blog

If you want to change your life in 30 days, this might just be considered the golden ticket. The trick to obtaining this ticket? Sticking to a very strict eating plan (notice we didn’t say “diet” plan?) Whole30 requires a 30-day commitment and because of its strict nature, the program insists you stick to the […]

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You See People Doing Them, But What Are Triceps Kickbacks?

Triceps kickbacks are probably one of the most common exercises you’ll see both men and women doing at the gym because they can sculpt your arms and deliver amazing results…if you do them correctly. […]

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Robin Cortez – Director of Team Training

Robin Cortez is the Director of Team Training at Chuze Fitness. Her industry experience ranges from exercise physiologist & wellness coach, to fitness manager & group exercise instructor. She received her Master of Science at the University of Utah in Exercise & Sport Science. She has studied yoga in Rishikesh, India. Having presented numerous ACSM […]

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Try Out These St. Patrick’s Week Treadmill Workouts

It can be hard to add a healthy mix of cardio into your weekly routine. That’s why we’ve put together three hardcore treadmill workouts for you to try this St. Patrick’s week along with your regular strength training regime. […]

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Here’s Why You Should Be Using A Sauna

Take time out of your week to enjoy the rest and relaxation of a sauna. Help your skin achieve a youthful glow, work towards heart health and much more. […]

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6 Ways To Stay Healthy At Your Desk Job

Even if you’ve set fitness goals and are totally motivated to make a change this year, getting yourself to the gym after work is more than half the battle. It’s easy to make excuses that you are too tired and worked too hard to get in that post-work gym sesh. However, by making a few […]

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5 Steps To Help You Crush Your New Year’s Goals

Woman running on treadmill

Ahh, the new year. Everyone is celebrating a fresh start, talking about New Year’s resolutions and reflecting on times passed. You think back to all the goals you made last year, celebrate a goal accomplished, or review a failed goal, and you make new list. In 2017, we want to make sure that you’ve got […]

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How To Diversify Your Workouts With Interval Training (HIIT)

Bosu lunge in Team Training at Chuze Fitness

Is your new year’s resolution to be healthier and stronger in 2017? Then you should be mixing up your workouts with some interval training (also known as HIIT “High Intensity Interval Training”).  HIIT is designed as a way to help burn fat and build muscle via short bursts of exercise that will help you break […]

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Smiling: Your face’s favorite workout.

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