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Indoor Cycling Benefits: Build Muscle, Burn Calories & More

Indoor Cycling Benefits

There are plenty of reasons to head over to the gym and sign up for an indoor cycling class. Maybe you love bike riding, but inclement weather or traffic have been preventing you from enjoying your favorite activity. Perhaps you are searching for a more structured, classroom setting to help you stay motivated during your […]

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Indoor Workouts for Rainy Days

Indoor Workouts

Whether you regularly do most of your exercise at the gym or prefer to get in your daily activity with an outdoor run, there are likely times when a rainy day ruins your plans for the perfect workout. Regardless of your workout-related preferences, do not let those gloomy storm clouds interfere with your fitness goals. […]

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Fitness Class Breakdown

When it comes to taking fitness classes, most individuals select a course based on the activities they enjoy. For a full-body workout, though, you’ll need to consider the types of classes available, the muscle groups used in that class, as well as the duration and intensity of the workout. This will vary from one program […]

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Finding a Spark to Start Your Fitness Fire

Let’s get real. Unless you already have a steady workout routine, getting the motivation to start one is pretty hard. We’ve all been there: ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ – and come tomorrow, no change. If you talk to people who work out regularly, however, you’ll find that working out is an essential part of their daily […]

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