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Erika Santiago Answers All Of Your Questions About BODYPUMP

Woman doing a curl in BODYPUMP

BODYPUMP is a choreographed weightlifting workout that uses light weight, high reps (possibly 1,000+ reps in one class!), and scientifically proven moves. […]

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Weightlifting, Team Training, And More With Ashton Atilano

Ashton Atilano, Team Training Fitness Manager, talks weightlifting, tabata, getting outside, and—of course—team training. […]

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The Health Benefits of Chuze Smoothie Bars

Chuze healthy smoothie bar

Not all smoothie bars are created equal. There’s a switch afoot at Chuze Fitness and it’s all because we want to offer our members healthier choices. We’re upping our smoothie game across the board because we want you to feel great about what you put in your body. […]

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How to Choose the Right Gym for 2018

Cardio Equipment at Chuze Fitness Broomfield

The key to finding a gym you’ll like — and actually go to rather than just pay for — is to seek one out where you’ll feel comfortable day in and day out. The process can be intimidating if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. So, we’re here to help you find the best gym for you. […]

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Escape the Summer Shape-up Frenzy

Don’t be a seasonal gym-goer. Work towards your goals all year long by finding a gym buddy, mixing it up and following our advice! […]

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5 Ways To Stay Germ-Free At The Gym

Treadmill being cleaned at Chuze Fitness

A clean gym is a happy gym. That’s why we’ve set out to be the cleanest gym in the world. Check out these tips to keep yourself healthy while you workout! […]

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Planks: The Core of the Matter

Chuze coach doing bosu plank

Adding planks to your workout proves to have amazing benefits. Not only will you have a rocking core, but your balance and stability will improve as well. Learn more about why you should be adding planks into your workout here. […]

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What is the Best Workout Schedule?

Weights on leg press machine

New information comes in every day of people getting incredible fitness results by working out one to seven times a week. So, what’s the right workout schedule for you? The answer varies based on your goals, but we have gathered some general guidelines for you to follow on your health journey! […]

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Here’s Why You Should Be Using A Sauna

Take time out of your week to enjoy the rest and relaxation of a sauna. Help your skin achieve a youthful glow, work towards heart health and much more. […]

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