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Why Choosing a Local Gym Can Make Exercise More Rewarding

Published: 7/7/14

Most people who have made the decision to get fit usually choose to go to a gym. These days, there seems to be tons of workout facilities located on almost every corner, which can make the quest for an individual to find the “perfect” gym an almost impossible feat.

In the late 1980s, more and more people wanted to be fit, thus larger gyms started to pop up, but memberships at larger gyms are slowly coming to a halt because more people are returning to local fitness centers. When a person chooses a local gym for a gym membership they’ll find that memberships at local fitness centers can offer a more rewarding gym experience.

Here are 10 reasons why purchasing a gym membership at your local sports center can be a rewarding experience:

A Better Workout: A lot of smaller gyms place their focus on maintaining an area where members can maneuver easily and conveniently rather than on eye catching flashiness. By avoiding the showiness that most big chains provide, members of local fitness facilities may be able to get a better workout because they won’t be easily distracted.

Cleanliness: A local gym may provide a cleaner environment, because most local fitness center owners will be more likely to take pride in their facility and want to give their members a sanitary gym experience. Another important part of cleanliness that most local gyms take time to focus on is providing well-maintained pieces of equipment.

Contract Flexibility: Some smaller gyms might offer a contract that has some wiggle room. Say an individual was moving away due to a job transfer, a smaller gym may be more willing to let that person out of their contract without any extra fees or hassles.

Daycare: A major concern for those who are parents and seeking the right gym to go to is whether or not that gym has a reputable daycare for their little one. It will be more likely to find a trusted daycare in a local gym.

Financial Flexibility: A local gym can supply its members with greater financial flexibility. For instance, a person may receive a large discount if paying for an annual membership in full, rather than setting up monthly drafts from a bank account. Also, making payments quarterly may be possible; sometimes a smaller gym will allow a person to make monthly gym membership payments without an annual contract so they are able to go to the gym at their leisure – without having to be bound by a contract.

Friendlier Atmosphere: Since you are more likely to know the people who frequent a local gym, you’ll typically experience a friendlier gym atmosphere than when compared to gyms that are owned by corporations and have hundreds, even thousands of members who you may have never or will never see again. Also, those who work at the local fitness center often know members by name, which adds to the enhanced personal gym experience.

Fun Activities: Big gyms may not have special nights to help members unwind and relax, but smaller gyms are more likely to have fun activities that are designed to help members decompress after a long work week. Smaller gyms may also include prize nights where members enter their names on a piece of paper into a drawing box, offering prizes that may include free personal training sessions for a month or even a 48″ screen television.

Lower Cost: Most neighborhood gyms have lower rates when compared to big chain gyms – many of which can be as much as half the price per month with no start up fees! There may also be special promotions that can give you unique privileges during the length of your membership – such as free tanning, bringing a friend for free every time you come to the gym or having your own personalized locker. This helps to make your gym experience more memorable and personalized.

“Personalized” Personal Training: Some local fitness centers will offer their members a tailored personal training package that allows the client and personal trainer to create a workout plan that is specific to that individual. The idea is to help the member feel more comfortable when working out and to increase the odds of getting their desired results.

Variety: A smaller gym can keep introduce some variety into your gym life. Instead of becoming a workout drone, which can happen quickly at some big name chains, a member is more likely to try different equipment to spice up their workout routine and get the results they seek.