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Weight Room Etiquette – Clothing, Procedures, Manners

Published: 10/13/14

You just joined a gym, hopefully San Diego’s Chuze Fitness, and you’re ready to get your workout on. Just like every other public space, there are certain unwritten (and written) rules to follow when beginning your gym journey. Don’t be the awkward person who is breaking social rules and making others uncomfortable. Our list will help you jump right into the gym. Here are some rules we think are absolutely mandatory in the weight room:

  •  Share the Space: If you’re working out at a public gym, or any shared facility, keep in mind that you’re using a public gym! Be conscious of the time you are spending at each machine. This doesn’t mean that you need to speed through your workouts to please everyone else, but rather that you be mindful of those around you, especially on those crowded days. Some ways to do this are: 1. Allowing people to share equipment with you, or ‘work in’ with you (switching off with someone between sets.) 2. Try rotating to another machine if you notice someone is waiting (circuit work and training is actually a great way to enhance your workout.) 3. Do your sets as quick as possible. Always be safe and don’t hurt yourself because you’re going so fast. However, be aware that the gym is packed or that a line is forming behind you – if you notice people eyeing your station for some time now, chances are it’s probably time to move. Show consideration jumping off a machine of weight station in your have to take a phone call, send an e-mail, or chat with someone.
  • Hygiene: You know if you’re someone who sweats a lot. And you certainly know if you’re someone whose sweat doesn’t smell that great, and whose does? There’s nothing wrong with either of those things; in fact, sweating is great for you and your overall health. However, it is your responsibility to be as clean as possible when you go to the gym, to use deodorant, and to bring a gym towel to help wipe down that machines you use. It is everyone’s job to show up clean, to keep the machines as hygienic as possible, and show consideration for those around them.
  • Return Items to Their Appropriate Area: The same rules your parents drilled into your brain as a kid should be used and applied at the gym. If, for example, you add 100-pound weights to a machine, you should also take them off and put them back when you’re done. Don’t be the reason someone throws out his or her back because you were too tired or careless to put the weight back yourself. Treat the gym and the equipment as a shared facility, which it is. When you use something, put it back where you found it and treat the equipment the way you would want someone else treating your things: with respect.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothes: There aren’t very many rules when it comes to what to wear in the weight room, other than the obvious shoes, shorts or pants, and a top. Even if you’re just lifting weights, proper shoes are required at all times inside the gym. Even though you’ve probably already seen this rule broken several times, shirts are required in the weight room, for sanitary purposes. Shirts help to prevent sweat from getting all over the equipment. Aside from these rules, wear what makes you feel comfortable in and get your workout going!