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The Value of a Gym Membership that Offers Tanning

Published: 6/16/14

Do you use a tanning bed regularly? If you do, you know how expensive a tanning membership can be. Even with tanning salons’ rewards programs and perks for regular customers, tanning can cost upwards of $30 per month, with the number of sessions limited to about five. If you want to tan more than five times per month, you could pay over $100 just to use an establishment’s tanning beds. This doesn’t include the price of tanning lotion, which is also very expensive. Fortunately, there is a way to save money on tanning. Add value to your tanning membership by choosing a gym that offers unlimited tanning.

Same Price, Two Perks

Choosing a gym membership that offers unlimited tanning as well as access to fitness classes and equipment provides an overall better value than a tanning membership alone. You’ll pay the same price or less for the gym membership as you would for just the tanning membership. This means that you’re getting two memberships for the price of one, which makes the gym membership the clear choice for those who want to save. Further, a gym that provides unlimited use of a commercial tanning bed on a convenient schedule can actually help you save money on your tanning expenses. You’ll have access to unlimited tanning for a low monthly fee with the gym membership, while traditional tanning memberships typically limit your sessions to a pre-determined, per-month number. This will ensure that you won’t spend extra money if you go over your allotted sessions.

A Great Fitness Motivator

You’re busy at home; you’re busy at work; you spend most of your days being busy. In fact, you’re so busy that it can be hard to find time to go to the gym. If your tanning salon and gym are in the same location, you’ll have more motivation to go to the gym. It’s easier to devote time to working out if you’re already going to your gym to tan. If you love staying tan and you’re looking to get physically fit, a gym membership with unlimited tanning provides the answer. Even if you’re not thinking about starting a fitness routine, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to hit the treadmill for a few minutes before you tan.

A Better Tan In Better Shape

Unlimited tanning means you don’t have to plan when you want to tan. If you find out on Friday you’re in a spur-of-the-moment event on Sunday, you can head to the gym for a tan, as you won’t need an appointment. You don’t have to agonize about spending extra money on a session that’s not included in your membership. While you’re at the gym getting ready, swim a few laps or spend a half an hour on the treadmill to give your body the exercise it needs.

A Great Reason To Buy A Gym Membership

Access to unlimited tanning is one of many reasons to start a gym membership. Other reasons include a desire to get fit, meet others with similar interests, and access fitness classes where trained instructors can help you look and feel your best. If you’re a tanning regular, this type of membership is worth the investment, even if you think you’ll never use the fitness features. Why turn down something that’s free? You never know when you might want to go for a workout – a New Year’s resolution or fitness challenge among your friends might make you regret turning down the membership.

The price of everything is on the rise. From milk to health clubs, you pay more for goods and services today than at any time in history. For this reason, most American families need to save money. A gym membership that offers unlimited tanning is an excellent way to cut back. For one fee, you’ll have access to tanning beds, exercise equipment, fitness classes, and more. It’s an optimal value that will save you hundreds per year. Plus, just knowing that you have a membership might motivate you to get in better shape.