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The Ultimate Guide to Broomfield Colorado

Published: 7/23/18

Colorado is widely considered one of the leading destinations in the United States for outdoor enthusiasts that enjoy getting outside and experiencing nature. While Denver is one of the most well-known parts of Colorado, many other cities in Colorado also have beautiful views, healthy restaurants, and no shortage of fun activities to do. Broomfield, Colorado is one such city. If you are going to be in Broomfield, Colorado, there are many different activities you can participate in. To help you prioritize what to do in Broomfield, Colorado, we have put together the ultimate guide to help you know where to eat, hike, and get the most of your time in Broomfield, Colorado. Below are our top activities and places to visit while in Broomfield, Colorado.

Hike the Lake Link Trail

One of the most popular Broomfield trails is the Lake Link Trail. Lake Link Trail is an out and back trail that is just under eleven miles and has seven hundred and two feet of elevation gain during the entirety of the hike. The ideal time of year to hike the Lake Link Trail is March through October. If you have a pooch that likes to enjoy the outdoors with you, the Lake Link Trail does allow dogs but keep in mind that they must be kept on a leash. Lake Link Trail is considered a moderate hiking trail, so plan your mileage, water reserves, and snacks accordingly to make sure you stay adequately hydrated during your hike. One of the most striking aspects of the Lake Link Trail includes the beautiful wildflowers that surround the trail during part of the year.

Check Out Local Healthy Restaurants

There is no shortage of restaurants in Broomfield, Colorado, including unique, healthy eating options. If you are trying to keep your diet clean and healthy while in Broomfield, look no further than Ready Fit Go Healthy Foods. Ready Fit Go Healthy Foods develops delicious, fresh pre-made meals that are nutritionally balanced and only require heating up before being ready to eat. For those on the go, this is a hassle-free option that provides delicious, thoughtful food that won’t interfere with a healthy lifestyle. Another fantastic local healthy restaurant is Modern Market, which utilizes simple, whole ingredients from farms rather than factories and makes all of their food from scratch, even the salad dressings. With specialty diet-friendly options and a wide array of menu items, there is something for everyone at Modern Market in Broomfield, Colorado.

Visit the Farmer’s Market

One event that is worth checking out is the Broomfield, Colorado farmer’s market. The farmer’s market in Broomfield begun as an idea by the Holy Comforter Episcopal Church’s environmental stewardship ministry for transforming a vacant lot in front of the church into a farmer’s market. The farmer’s market first was opened in June 2011 and began with sixteen vendors. As word spread throughout Broomfield of the fresh food and live music, the market and the crowds inhabiting it grew quickly. In 2016, the number of vendors has increased to fifty, and there were fourteen thousand shoppers during the market season. The Broomfield, Colorado farmer’s market has been elected as Colorado’s Favorite Farmer’s Market for two years by the American Farmland Trust.

Play Golf

In Broomfield, Colorado, golf is a favorite local activity. This is due in part to the three local golf courses within the area that provide exceptional playing conditions, good food, and time outside to enjoy playing. Three of the local golf courses in Broomfield include Broadlands Golf Course, Greenway Park Golf Course, and Eagle Trace Golf Club.

Get in a Workout At Brandywine Park

One of the most popular local parks in Broomfield, Colorado is Brandywine Park. Brandywine Park is equipped with a soccer field, softball field, and tennis court. In addition, Brandywine Park also has an expansive open grass area and a playground. If you are looking for a place to incorporate fitness into your summer routine, Brandywine Park is a great location.