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Gym Fitness

The Benefits of Working Out With a Personal Trainer

Although fitness training sessions with a certified personal trainer are often not included in a gym membership, they are worth their weight in gold as far as the benefits and value you will receive. Listed below are the most common reasons one should seek out help from a personal trainer whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced level; and the immense benefits you can receive from doing so.

Beginner Fitness Issues

So, you’ve gone ahead and taken the first step to becoming healthy and fit; you’ve joined one of the local gyms near you. However, you’re now realizing that gym memberships alone can’t help you figure out what your fitness training goals are and exactly how to reach them. You are lacking confidence in what your fitness and diet goals should be, what you should be spending your time doing at the gym based on those goals, and whether or not you’re completing your exercises properly in order to achieve desired results.

Confidence Issue: As a beginner, you’re unsure of general fitness processes. A personal trainer can:

    • Provide you with pre-workout stretches and post workout routines, like using a HydroMassage bed directly after a workout, to decrease soreness and injury
    • Explain nutritional recommendations for your pre and post-workout meals
    • Ensure you are using the equipment correctly with good form and completing exercise motions that will give you the best results 
    • Teach you specific and varied routines that you can eventually repeat on your own

Attendance Issue: You can’t seem to get yourself to show up and work out. A personal trainer can:

    • Strongly motivate you to show up for the sake of your wallet (pre-pay and you’ll be more likely to force yourself to go)
    • Set appointments; carve out days and times on your calendar so there are no excuses!

Intermediate Fitness Issues

As an intermediate exerciser, the problems don’t lie in a lack of confidence with what you need to do to reach your fitness goals, how to use the equipment properly, or even which exercises you should be doing. Most likely, your fitness issues include one of the following listed below.

Motivation Issue: You lack motivation and give up on your workout before it’s finished. A personal trainer can:

    • Push you harder than you would push yourself
    • Point out areas they are seeing improvement from successful sessions
    • Force you to finish your workout with positive reinforcements throughout
    • Create workout routines that allow your body to work certain areas, and then rest certain areas for optimum effort on all exercises
    • Make sure your workout is dynamic, effective, and fun!

Results Issue: You work out often but you’re not seeing the results you want. A personal trainer can:

    • Narrow in on specific problem areas of your body the way group exercise options like Zumba classes can’t
    • Create personalized fitness and diet routines to achieve desired results; routines specifically for weight loss, toning, heart health, etc.

Advanced Fitness Issues

At an advanced level you are extremely well versed in how to use equipment and properly execute the motions, you are well aware of your fitness and diet needs and how to achieve them. At this point, you may be hitting a wall in terms of challenging yourself and getting to the next level.

Monotony Issue: You’ve reached a plateau, or are bored with your current routines. A personal trainer can:

    • Teach you new ways to use equipment you are already using and target different areas of your body
    • Create new routines you’ve never thought of
    • Design a calendar of workout sessions, classes, and out of the box challenges that are varied and ever changing (i.e. cardio, weights, Insanity, outdoors, hiking, cross-fit, yoga, etc.)
    • Show you a variety of different exercises to challenge you and increase results

Preparation Issue:You’re training for a specific challenge or event. A personal trainer can:

    • Ensure your safety and optimum health for entry and execution
    • Design a specific workout plan to prepare you
    • Create a nutritional calendar to keep your body healthy
    • Review your progress to ensure you are in the proper shape for completion

Is Your Personal Trainer Certified?

A personal training certification requires a large amount of studying and practice hours to gain the proper expertise, so it will make an enormous difference whether or not your trainer has completed their certification. It is important to make sure that you are working with a certified professional when discussing and implementing your fitness and diet goals, as it can make a huge impact on your results.