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Swimming is Excellent Exercise: Swim Year-Round with an Indoor Lap Pool

Published: 6/23/14

Think back to the first swim of last summer. Do you remember how refreshed you felt as the warm water flowed around you? Do you recall feeling light and free as you glided around the pool? These feelings are just a few of the reasons why swimming is the fourth most popular sport in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control. It’s fun and relaxing – even when you’re burning calories the water offers a feeling of tranquility. Of course, swimming offers more benefits than just a good time. If you swim or participate in water aerobics for just two hours and 30 minutes each week, you’ll significantly reduce your risk of getting a chronic disease. Fortunately, planning an exercise routine around swimming doesn’t depend on good weather. By using an indoor lap pool in Orange County, you can swim every day!

Swimming For Strength

In addition to reducing your risk of disease, swimming regularly can help you build strength. Water exercises are low impact because the water displaces your weight. This means that you can exercise longer and work on areas of the body that might cause pain outside of the water. Because you can exercise longer, you can concentrate on strength development. Traditional types of lap swimming movements (breast, back, side, and butterfly strokes) all help you build total body strength. The repeated sweeping arm movements and forceful leg kicks not only help you get to the other side of the pool faster, but they also build and tone those parts of the body, along with your torso – helping you to build core strength.

Exercise Classes In The Pool

If you don’t know how to swim or don’t feel that you’re up for traditional lap swimming, there are other ways that you can get a whole-body workout in an indoor pool. Most gyms provide exercise classes that meet in the water. Using weights, floating devices, and other equipment, these classes help you burn calories and increase your strength without swimming laps. Water aerobics, water Zumba, and synchronized swimming are just a few examples of these types of classes. For those who feel uncomfortable in the water, a group exercise class can take the pressure away, as you work with your peers to accomplish your goal.

Great Fitness For Everyone

When you swim for exercise you don’t overheat, as the water is there to cool you. After the workout, you don’t feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Because it’s low impact, you can swim and exercise in water without getting tired as easily, and it’s easier to move your body. For these reasons, swimming is a great fitness option for individuals of every level and background. Swimming is recommended for older adults and those who have been ill or were injured. In fact, it’s often used as part of physical therapy. Top athletes often use swimming as a way to keep fit during the off-season.

Safe and Reliable Exercise

When most people think about swimming, the ocean or an outdoor resort pool immediately come to mind. However, relying on an outdoor pool for fitness can result in a spotty fitness schedule, as rain and cold can stall your exercise routine for long periods of the year. An indoor lap pool provides a better alternative. You won’t be subjected to the harsh rays of the sun, extreme heat, extreme cold, or the possibility of severe weather when you swim indoors. Because you don’t have to check the weather forecast before heading out for your workout, indoor lap pools are convenient. Finally, indoor lap pools at most gyms are well regulated. Regular open swim times, classes that meet in roped-off portions of the pool, and rules regarding lane use are all there to ensure you can use the pool comfortably. You’ll be able to get in a good workout without any hassles.

Whether you plan to swim laps or participate in a water aerobics class, a pool workout can be a great choice. When you choose an indoor pool, you won’t have to wait for the weather to cooperate to swim. An indoor lap pool in a gym is a safe, comfortable, and fun way to burn calories, lose weight, build strength, and get fit.