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Stay Fit & Enjoy Wine [Infographic]

Most people have heard that cutting out alcohol from your diet really helps in the weight loss process. Additionally, most people define alcohol as empty calories- meaning that they provide minimal nutritious value. However, recently wine has taken on a new set of values as antioxidants and heart health have stepped into the spotlight.

So whether you feel passionately about your antioxidants and heart health or are just one of those people who loves wine (let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), there are a variety of ways you can justify the occasional glass (or two).

Certain wines are lower in calories, and others pair greatly with low-calorie snacks. With daily exercise and the right calorie consumption, you can maintain or lose weight without completely cutting wine from your diet.

Before you run to the kitchen to pour yourself a glass, read this infographic created by Fix that shows everything you need to know about consuming wine and staying healthy.


Staying fit & drinking wine infographic