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Our Favorite (Affordable) Fitness Brands

The fitness clothing you choose won’t determine your athletic failure or success. However, there are some realistic benefits to purchasing fitness clothing that you plan to wear exclusively for exercise, that fits you and supports your body well, and that you think are cute or attractive. Having designated fitness clothing is important because putting those clothes on becomes part of your workout ritual, and puts you in the right frame of mind to push yourself. Finding clothing that fits appropriately and supports you will make working out much more comfortable and, therefore, you will be more likely to engage in frequent exercise. Finding clothing that you find attractive will help you to feel more confident while working out. This confidence will translate to a willingness to try new things and to push yourself harder.

So, where can you find the clothing you need without spending a fortune on designer workout clothes? Below are listed some of our favorite fitness brands that won’t break the bank.



Fabletics is an online retailer that works off a subscription model. The monthly dues are just under $50, and subscribers can skip any month that they choose. The $50 goes to buying an athletic item or outfit. The unique feature of the site is that it shows you outfits based on your specific interests and lifestyle. The output is based on information from a survey that users take when they first subscribe to the site. Fabletics prices are not the absolute lowest one can find, but their products are always high-quality and are very reasonably priced. Note: Fabletics is a women’s brand.


Planet Gear

Planet Gear is a discount website that offers daily deals on fitness gear from a variety of fitness brands. This is a great place to get the name brand clothing you trust at a bargain price. Each deal that is featured has a fixed supply of available merchandise. When the deal is sold out, the opportunity to buy the item from the site at that price is gone. This is not a site at which to look, ponder, and then come back days later with a decision. Planet Gear offers deals on fitness accessories like water bottles, running belts, and sunglasses, as well as clothing. Note: Planet Gear is a women’s brand.


Old Navy

This retail store, which is not specifically a fitness chain, has a great selection of quality workout clothing in a wide variety of sizes. The price point for the fitness attire is on the lower end of the spectrum. The quality is not quite on par with some other fitness-related brands, but the quality is still plenty sufficient for the average individual and the price is hard to beat. Also, especially when one is expecting to change size relatively soon, it is nice to have an option to not spend a lot of money on clothing that won’t fit or work for you for very long. Old Navy’s plus-size athletic section is larger and more varied than most other stores.


Russell Athletics

This brand does a great job of coming up with new and unique designs that are still completely functional. In general, they design their clothing to fit relatively loosely, but pieces are still tailored enough to flatter any shape. Many individuals find this type of clothing more comfortable in which to exercise than tighter clothing that accentuates every curve and crease as the body moves. Russell offers a high-quality product at a moderate price point.


Moving Comfort

This brand and website is devoted exclusively to sports bras and underwear that are comfortable and provide genuine support – regardless of body type or workout routine. The specificity of the site’s garment style has served them well – they have some of the best and most supportive sports bras of any brand, and they are competitively priced. They offer a wide range of larger sports bras with sizes up to 44E. Note: Moving Comfort is a women’s brand.