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Maintain Your Workout Routine While on Vacation

You can do more than wade in the pool on vacation. Change from a wade to a lap every 30 minutes or go on a hike. Here a few easy ways to workout while enjoying a vacation.

Published: 5/29/17

If lounging by the pool is your perfect idea of a relaxing getaway, you’re not alone. We all want to unwind on vacation, but that doesn’t mean you need to let everything go, does it? That piña colada by the water’s edge will taste so much better if you’re not wracked with guilt because you skipped the gym all weekend while you were away.

Why not jump in the water every hour or so and do more than just wade? Swimming a lap or two will go a long way to make you feel active, even when you’re relaxing the rest of the afternoon. If laps aren’t your thing, and your resort has one of those very popular “Lazy Rivers,” try walking against the flow (as long as the lifeguards allow it) since simply moving against the water’s resistance can offer a moderate workout itself.

Don’t pack weights in your suitcases or bring two dozen more pairs of shoes than you need just to get a workout in while you carry your luggage from place to place. (Just think of the baggage fees!) We’re here to offer some ideas (not brain surgery) to keep you active while on vacay.

But I’m On Vacation…

We know. You’re on vacation. You want to relax. But just think about how good that delectable dessert will taste after a wonderful meal, knowing that you’ve earned it because you snuck in a workout even while on vacation.

Just get up an hour or so before the rest of your crew, and hit the hotel’s gym or go for hike nearby. We’re not expecting you to keep up with your full workout routine or what you might do while at home since you’re on vacation. But accomplishing just half of what you might normally do is better than doing nothing at all.

I Don’t Have Time

Of course, you have time! You’re on vacation. You have nothing but time. It’s how you use that time that matters. Don’t set unrealistic expectations for yourself: You don’t need to make marathon sessions out of these vacation workouts. Think of them as merely maintenance. You just want your body to burn a few calories and remember what it’s like to work out so that returning to the gym after a vacation won’t be painful and terrible.

Yes, we understand your itinerary might be packed with activities while on vacation. So why can’t you just add one more? A workout. Just squeeze in 30 minutes for you and your health, and your body will thank you.

Plan Ahead

The gym at your hotel might be small or even non-existent. Do your homework before you arrive. Even if there is no gym on site, there is likely one nearby you could join for a few days and a nominal fee. And, guess what? There’s Mother Nature. Take a walk around the resort, the block, the town. Explore—you’ll be a tourist and a walker all in one! If you were going to see the sites anyway, there’s nothing set in stone that says you can’t use your own two feet to get there.

Ask the hotel concierge about fitness classes the hotel may offer or if she has a list of nearby walking paths or bike trails. The hotel may offer bike rentals, and you can pedal away that indulgent dessert you had the night before. There are no rules—it’s your vacation! You can take a detour off the beaten path and add another mile to a bike ride or a walk. Just be safe. Be adventurous and take a surf lesson, or try kayaking to burn off a few extra calories. Make it fun to workout on vacation! 

Doing something good for your body while you’re indulging will keep guilt at bay and make you feel better while you’re away on vacation. Plus, this moderate exercise will make it easier to get back in a routine when you return home.

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