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Join The Chuze Movement With Chuze On-Demand

You asked, we answered. Join the #ChuzeMovement by checking out the new Chuze On-Demand—a place where you can find workouts, meditations, and more at any time!

Published: 4/13/20

Join The Chuze Movement With Chuze On-Demand

You asked, we answered! It is our joy to focus on wellness with you—from inside our spotless gyms or online during a live workout session. So, we’ve created a space where you can find the wonderful benefits of Chuze—workouts, meditations, self-care sessions, and so much more—from anywhere, any time, at no cost to you. Think of this as our virtual high-five, our way of saying, “Hello!” and checking in with you as you work towards your wellness goals. 

Welcome to Chuze On-Demand and the #ChuzeMovement!

What Is The Chuze Movement?

Our team gathered your favorite instructors, coaches, mentors, musicians, and storytellers to keep the Chuze Family connected and active. Whether that’s a Team Training workout you can do in your living room, a live-streamed Group X class perfect for your whole family, self-care advice from our team leaders, virtual pet adoption events, or concerts that you can enjoy right from your couch, we’ve got something for every Chuzer to keep you connected and to keep your mind, body and soul active.

How To Tune In To The Movement

Chuze On-Demand

For those of you who want to tap into self-care on your own schedule, we are excited to announce our new virtual workout home-base: Chuze On-Demand. The place on our website where you can watch and learn a variety of workouts at any time. Chuze Fitness On-Demand is a collection of workouts for all ages, shapes and sizes and includes Yoga, Buns & Belly, Chuze Gold, Family Workouts and much more! Chuze On-Demand is here to meet the moment, to be there alongside you as schedules change so you can still set aside time for wellness. Our commitment to your health and wellness—both mentally and physically—is our top priority, and that doesn’t end when our doors close. 

A screen shot of the Chuze Movement workout page which includes four stills of workouts like Chuze Gold, Cardio Kickboxing, Yoga, and Cardio party, with play buttons.

Live Sessions And More

If you prefer watching right alongside your community, you can join one of our daily lived-streamed Team Training and Group X classes on Facebook or Instagram Live. Be sure to send messages directly to our team and other Chuze family members as you enjoy your Chuze Movement session! We post a graphic with the next day’s schedule to our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages every single day to keep you in the loop. There, you can find out who: the team member or artist who will be hosting; what: Team Training, self-care sessions, Group Exercise classes, etc.; when: the time we go live; and where: Facebook Live or Instagram Live. If you miss the post, no worries! We also post this information to our Facebook and Instagram stories daily and post the workouts in our Facebook feed, IGTV, and YouTube after they air live. 

We are continuously posting workouts, sharing #ChuzeFitTips (nutrition, wellness, and self-care tips), hosting live virtual events like Chuze Couch Concerts or Chuze to Adopt afternoons, and so much more to all of our social channels. And, if video isn’t your thing, you can even find our workouts written out. Join the Chuze Movement by tagging our social pages @chuzefitness and use the hashtag #ChuzeMovement so that we can follow along on your wellness journey. We look forward to hearing all about your Chuze Movement experience!

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