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Indoor Workouts for Rainy Days

Published: 2/24/16

Indoor WorkoutsWhether you regularly do most of your exercise at the gym or prefer to get in your daily activity with an outdoor run, there are likely times when a rainy day ruins your plans for the perfect workout. Regardless of your workout-related preferences, do not let those gloomy storm clouds interfere with your fitness goals. Check out this list of indoor workouts that are perfect for rainy days or when going outside might not be the best option.


Wait…We said indoor right? That’s right – lay down on the floor and cycle your legs in the air for fifteen to thirty minutes as if you were riding a bicycle. It might not be as much fun as taking a ride in the fresh air, but on the bright side, you can do it in front of your TV while enjoying your favorite show. You can also try a few crunches, scissor kicks, leg lifts, or other floor exercises you might think of while you’re down there.


If you have stairs in your home, or even one stair, just get stepping. You will want to step up and down one stair for a considerable time, again probably anywhere from fifteen minutes to half an hour, so think about turning on some music to help you stay motivated.


And speaking of music, dancing is a great way to exercise indoors. Since you are in the privacy of your own home, you do not have to worry about anyone else judging your moves. Find a clear space, crank up the tunes, and let loose. Dancing is a great way to have fun and burn calories at the same time.


If you haven’t used a jump rope since you were a kid, you might be surprised at what a great workout it is – both in terms of cardio and for your lower body. Of course, if you do not happen to have a jump rope lying around when the next rain storm hits, you can always settle for doing a few jumping jacks – also guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Hallway Lunges

Find the longest hall in your house and start at one end. Do a forward lunge, but then instead of stepping back, step forward. Then lunge forward with your opposite leg and step forward again. Continue until you reach the end of the hall. Then turn around and come back.


If you are in need of a little healthy relaxation on your rainy afternoon, consider doing some yoga. Instructional videos are fairly easy to find online if you don’t already have one on-hand. Yoga is a great way to stretch those muscles and relieve the stress of being stuck indoors.

While the inside of your home might not be your ideal workout zone, with a little imagination and creativity you can start to see exercise opportunities all over the house. And since you can even enjoy some of the comforts of home, like watching your TV during your workout and making yourself a healthy home cooked meal right after, you might even find that you like doing indoor workouts once in a while!