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How Exercise Can Enhance Your Mood

Published: 10/27/14

Thinking about exercising can often sound exhausting, boring, and time consuming. But if you can simply get over that hurdle and get into the gym you will realize that working out can be extremely rewarding. Daily exercise can be both physically and psychologically beneficial. While it can improve our health, fitness and outer appearance, it can also help boost our emotional state. The psychological benefits attributed to exercise are a reduction of stress, depression, anxiety and a boost in self-esteem.

All you need is 30 minutes each day and you will be on your way to a better day. Studies have linked exercising with the release of endorphins. These endorphins are known as feel good chemicals that relieve any stress, anxiety, or depressing feelings. Another attribute related to a boost in mood is the improvement in blood flow and oxygen to the brain caused by exercise. Exercising allows you to clear your mind and be free in the present moment. Any negative thoughts are simply gone as you gain the ability to enjoy your surroundings as an observer.

The boost in your mood due to exercise is far more effective than any other anti-depressants or mood boosters. Anti-depressants often have side effects that can cause more harm. They are often associated with weight gain. While they may make a person feel a little better inside, they may feel worse on the outside. Exercising can alleviate any need for medication and its negative side effects. On the positive side, exercise makes you lose weight, get fit and feel better about your outer appearance.

For some, the idea of exercise can be overwhelming and complicated. To make things easier, start by asking yourself a couple of important questions. Ask yourself what kinds of exercise are you interested in, will these work for your schedule, and ultimately what goals do you have in mind?

Exercising will never be fun if you aren’t enjoying yourself. Find something that suits your interests. Whether you enjoy playing sports, working out in a class or even exercising alone, it is important to find what fits you. All of these different types of workouts will still benefit you both emotionally and physically. Over time you can even find a great interest in one of these activities; you will no longer perceive it as a chore but instead a source of fun.

Since time is often minimal, it is important to set an exercise plan that works with your schedule. It is too often that we say we are going to the gym but end up being lazy and saying “I will go tomorrow.” Making a defined schedule rids us of this laziness. Maintaining a consistent exercise pattern forces your body to adopt a mood pattern as well. In order to keep yourself at a happy mood it is vital to stay consistent with a workout schedule.

Finally, ask yourself if you have any goals in mind. You may want to lose weight, gain more muscle or simply be healthy. It is important to set goals for yourself so that you have something to strive for. Working towards something can give you that motivation to get out of bed and exercise.