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Here Is What You Can Expect From A Gym With Childcare

You deserve a great workout in a facility that knows what working parents really need: a gym with childcare.

Published: 9/17/18

It’s been a long day at the office. You didn’t sleep well last night. The kids have a soccer game. Your favorite show has been on your DVR all week…and tonight is the night you have to watch it. Or, maybe, today is the day you need to wash your hair.

We can find every excuse not to make it to the gym. Don’t let your kids be another reason.

There’s that spin class you simply cannot recreate in your dining room no matter how loud you blast the jams. Or, maybe it’s seeing all those other folks at the gym that really inspires you to get in your best workout. Whatever the case, you deserve a great workout in a facility that knows what working parents really need: a gym with childcare.

Sure, there are YouTube fitness tutorials aplenty to do at home, but sometimes you need to sneak away for your own sanity, right? A good workout often does the trick. (So does wine, but we’re talking about fitness here today).

Childcare at Chuze Comes with Peace of Mind

Finding an affordable gym to work out at that that will let you bring your little ones along when necessary is an added benefit of being a Chuze member. Catering to infants six months or older and kids up to 12 years old, Chuze has your back because your young ones are going to have fun in a safe play space while you work out.

Kids Clubs at Chuze offer a wide range of engaging crafts, fun activities, and age-appropriate toys. You’ll want to check with your local Chuze Fitness to learn which amenities your particular Kids Club is equipped with, but there could be a Kids Club “cinema,” a basketball court, and other engaging amenities.

Chuze gyms with childcare can put your mind at ease because our dedicated staff puts your kids first, while you enjoy a worry-free workout. Each of our Kids Club Team Members are hand-selected, certified in CPR & AED, and have cleared a background check. Each staff member has been carefully selected by our management to ensure your tykes are well taken care of while you work out. And, with our new KidCheck system (rolling out to all clubs), you will be able to drop off and pick up your kids with ease and even choose another guardian to pick them up for the days that you just need to leave early. That along with our strict 1 to 10 staff to child ratio, you can go sweat without having to sweat about your kids!

Enjoy Your Workout and Some “Me” Time

Don’t feel guilty about dropping your child or children off with the Chuze team. You are not abandoning them, so let the anxiety go, and get a solid workout in. The experience will give them their hero back, energized, refreshed, and fit enough to chase ‘em around the house all day and night long! (Well, maybe.)

Check out our Chuze Fitness kids club in the nearest location near you. Whether you’re looking for gyms in Orange County, Denver, Tucson, and many more. Along with our kids club, our gym memberships offer a variety of other amenities tailored for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Don’t hesitate to connect with us today!

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