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Give the Gift of Confidence with Personal Training

What’s on your gift list this year? The latest tech gadget, or perhaps a fabulous new kitchen appliance? What if you could give your special gift recipient the gift of confidence? You can. Confidence naturally comes with a fit body, which is the best pathway to a fit mind. A personal trainer can give your favorite person the confidence to succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

A Certified Personal Trainer Helps Prevent Injury

Some people lack the confidence to work out because they don’t understand the right way to do it without getting hurt. A busted ankle or back injury could keep them out of work, and prevent them from doing what they need and want to do for their family. With a trainer, the person can have the confidence to try new exercises and push their bodies harder without worrying about doing it wrong and getting injured.

Trainers know the proper form for a variety of exercises, and are knowledgeable about how hard a person can push before straining muscles or injuring joints. A trainer can also tell when it’s time to up the intensity of a workout regimen when the person is ready to progress.

A Personal Trainer Keeps Them on Track

Have you ever seen someone wandering around a gym with no clue what to do? That person lacks the confidence to develop their own program, always worried they’ll do the wrong thing. If your special gift recipient lacks the confidence to develop a workout program on their own, a trainer is the ideal solution.

Trainers can teach the person new exercises, show them how to work complicated gym equipment, and help them boost their skill level as the early exercises they master become easy. Trainers also monitor weight progress and measurements, so the person can see how much working out is benefiting their bodies.

A Personal Trainer Adds the Element of Accountability

It’s easy to skip the gym when no one is waiting on you, but it’s a lot harder if you have a scheduled appointment. If your special person needs to be accountable to stick with an exercise program, a trainer is the perfect gift. When someone makes an appointment, there is an inner sense of responsibility to meet that obligation that’s harder to shrug off than a simple workout time jotted on a to-do list or programmed in a smartphone alarm.

Making appointments and sticking with the workout program will boost your special person’s confidence, especially if they have failed at health goals before. Once they learn to hang in there with a tough exercise regimen, it becomes easier to make other important health decisions – like eating right, drinking enough water, and resting well. This can lead into an entirely new lifestyle of healthy habits that help this person live longer and enjoy more of the life they have.

A Personal Trainer Offers Needed Encouragement

Someone who lacks confidence often just needs a good cheerleader. Trainers know how to motivate people, offering them encouragement when they need it. It’s hard for the most committed exerciser to maintain a workout regimen day in and day out, but with a trainer rooting them on it will be far easier.

Trainers also know when pushing harder is a better alterative than cheerleading. This is a fine line to walk, and best left to the professionals. Sometimes people respond better to upbeat, “That’s great!” and other times they need a little prodding. A certified trainer will know exactly how to approach these situations.

The trainer will:

      • Determine the person’s current fitness level, and devise an exercise plan just for them.
      • Show the person what exercises to do and how to do them correctly.
      • Teach the person the right form for each exercise in order to prevent injury.
      • Help the person find the right intensity for their workouts so they can progress without becoming overly fatigued or too sore to work out.
      • Stick with the person, motivating them to work harder to reach their goals.
      • Reward them for accomplishments by bragging on them.

Is the gift of confidence on your list this year? A personal trainer won’t fit in the average Christmas stocking, but it’s definitely a gift worth giving. Check out our Tucson gyms for more information on personal training: Tucson Grant & Swan, Tucson 22nd & Kolb, Tucson Mall, and Tucson Ajo & 16th.