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Couples’ Workouts to Do with Your Sweetheart

Couples' WorkoutsWith spring quickly approaching, love is likely on your mind. If exercising isn’t on the top of your dating to-do list this spring, though, maybe it should be! According to Psychology Today, couples’ workouts with your partner can not only help you achieve your fitness goals, but they can also increase your physical bond and improve how happy you feel about your relationship. Next date night, consider trading in one of your typical dates for a relationship-boosting workout routine.

Here are five great couples’ workouts you and your sweetheart can do anywhere – with no special equipment needed:

Rock the Boat

Sit opposite your sweetie with the soles of your feet touching up in the air, your knees at a 90-degree angle. Stretch your arms out towards each other as one of you carefully lowers to the ground, engaging your core muscles until your shoulder are a few inches from the ground. Then you will raise back up as your partner lowers down. Continue rocking back and forth – about ten reps to complete one set.

Partner Push-Up

Start in the traditional push-up position, lying with stomach and palms on the floor with your elbows at a ninety-degree angle, while your partner stands over you with his or her hands placed firmly on your back. As you rise up, your partner should press down just enough to create a slight resistance. When you get tired, switch places.

Superman Wrestle

Start by lying on the floor, facing each other with the palms of your hands touching. Now lift your chest, keeping your head up and looking at each other, while lifting your legs a few inches off the ground and squeezing your glutes at the same time. Hold that pose for about thirty seconds before slowly lowering back to the ground. Repeat two or three times.

Hook Squats

For this exercise, stand back to back with your sweetheart and link elbows. Then you will both perform a basic squat, keeping your knees ninety degrees over your ankles as you lower down. Keep those backs firmly pressed together as you rise and lower into the squatting position. Continue rising and lowering as you normally would when doing solo squats or, for a variation, lower into the squat and then turn in a circle together.

Pull & Release Seated Row

Grab a beach towel and sit down on the floor opposite your partner. Place the soles of your feet together with your knees slightly bent. Each of you should grasp one end of the towel and take turns carefully but firmly pulling the towel towards your belly. You’ll pull the towel towards yourself and then offer resistance as your partner pulls the towel towards him or herself; you should feel the pull in your back and bicep muscles. Be sure to keep your back straight throughout the exercise.

As you progress through your workout with your sweetheart, be sure to keep encouraging and challenging each other. If you find that you enjoy working out together, consider making it a permanent part of your dating routine and you’ll find even more ways to enjoy getting fit together.