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Benefits of Exercise In & Out of the Gym: Some May Surprise You

Published: 8/25/16

Surprise, surprise – exercise is good for you. But are you aware of the benefits of exercise and how it can shape your life, both in and out of the gym?

You might get coined as “master of the obvious” if you claim the addition of exercise to your weekly routine equates to a healthy lifestyle change. There is no doubt about the benefits of exercise, as cardiovascular exercise, controlled stretching and weight training are keys to a healthy body. And, a healthier mind is an oft-seen byproduct of a healthy physique.

But are you aware of the peripheral benefits of exercise? These include the lifestyle and wellness boosts that can make a real difference in your performance at work, your happiness at home, your ability to make good decisions, and your ability to persevere through adversity. According to recent research, there seem to be exercise benefits that go far beyond a healthy body and the ability to fit into smaller clothes. Here are some of the big ones:

Exercise Benefit 1: Fewer Substance Abuse Issues

A study published in the British Journal of Health Psychology showed college students who transitioned from no exercise to moderate exercise had a dramatic decrease in the likelihood for substance abuse. Exercise also demonstrates an ability to lower caffeine and alcohol intakes for the majority of committed individuals. Less alcohol and caffeine can lead to fewer medical complications down the road, less risk for injury, and better sleep patterns.

Exercise Benefit 2: Less stress

Exercise stresses the body. This is an intentional process, and it is how your muscles systematically tear, rebuild, strengthen, and then come back again – stronger than before. Stressing your body through exercise seems to actually decrease stress on every other level in a person’s life. Heart rates drop, common visual indicators fade, and people are often better able to deal with work, school, or home life concerns.

Exercise Benefit 3: Improved Athletic Performance

Athletes are often asked about how they prep for competition and how they push through adversity. A common theme is a propensity to fight, struggle, and embrace adversity during training, so when the real event comes, there is a sense memory of the pain and the impetus is to just drive forward. Introducing exercise into your weekly routine can help you to better manage physical and mental challenges as they arise in the future. This can equate to better performance throughout every facet of life.

Exercise Benefit 4: Better Time Management

Better time management is a byproduct of working out? Absolutely! Think about it this way: you have to schedule time to work out, especially if you sign up for group exercise classes. This means that you have to use some kind of scheduling tool, like a calendar, smartphone, or scheduling app. While you’re at it, add all of your other obligations in there and you’ll soon create the framework for a well-planned week. Research shows that physical activity boosts short-term brain function, so you’ll be better equipped to power through your day as efficiently as possible.

Exercise does so much more than create a strong, healthy body – it is a foundational activity that can create a greater sense of wellness and focus that will improve virtually all areas of your life. Contact the Chuze gym near you today and take the first step on the road to greater health and wellness, and discover the benefits of exercise for yourself!