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Apps to Stay Motivated & Track Fitness

Published: 10/28/15

One of the most difficult aspects of getting healthy presents itself when those around us continue with unhealthy eating habits. They don’t want to hear about new exercise goals, pounds lost, or a lower body mass index. However, patting yourself on the back for these accomplishments and having a support system is necessary to keep you on track. In today’s tech-laden world, you can get all of the motivation that you need from mobile device applications. Some of these apps can even help you to track important data to make reaching your weight-loss and exercise goals even easier.


This app helps you to keep track of caloric intake in an efficient manner. In under a minute, you can browse through the extensive database of name brand foods to input your food consumption. You can even input recipes that you have made so that the tool can effectively estimate the nutritional content. The app automatically begins to save favorite selections to make the process even quicker.


On days you can’t make it to the gym, apps like Sworkit can help. Sworkit addresses one of the biggest problems associated with healthy living: lack of time. High-intensity bodyweight workouts are provided through the app – in as little as five minutes or as long as one hour, allowing individuals to work out in a way that meshes with their personal schedule. A selection of exercises are available to fully customize the experience. Videos and a countdown clock help make the workout fun and fast.


This unique app helps to motivate you by selecting songs that have a similar number of beats per minute. This way, you can run or perform reps to the beat of the music. Listen to the songs and maintain rhythm to achieve a faster, stronger, and longer workout. 


This app helps uncover the ways you cheat on your exercise regimen and whips you back into shape to help you maximize your fitness goals. You perform workout videos developed by experienced personal trainers while the app uses your phone’s camera to measure your performance. It can tell if you stop or take a break, or if you get behind on an intense portion of the routine. It provides real-time feedback so you can make immediate changes.


Rise does for you with food what Fitmo does with exercise. You connect with a dietician to set up your fitness goals. You’ll then take pictures of each and every snack and meal you consume. Your dietician provides timely feedback based on your choices and offers suggestions on ways you can do even better. 

Zombies, Run! 3

This popular app perfectly blends sci-fi, video games, and fitness. For every step that you run or walk, you’ll earn supplies and resources to help you fight off the zombie apocalypse.

StrongLifts 5×5

This app is perfect for weightlifting exercises. It tells the user to complete three lifting exercises. Each set has five reps, and the user completes five sets for the workout. It provides breaks throughout the set and also offers suggestions on the ideal time to add more weight. Use the app three times a week for optimal results.