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Amino Acids: What You Need to Know

Amino acids are absolutely essential for every metabolic process in our bodies. So, in case you couldn’t guess: Amino acids are quite amazing!

Published: 7/31/17

What Are Amino Acids?

This simple question has a very complex answer that scientists would be better suited to explain. But, since we don’t have a scientist on hand, we’ll try to break it down in the easiest way so even we, as mere mortals, can understand it: Amino acids are at the basis for all life processes.

Um, yeah. Wow! They’re pretty important. In fact, they are absolutely essential for every metabolic process in our bodies. So, in case you couldn’t guess: Amino acids are quite amazing!


How Do We Get Them?

There’s some chemistry involved in fully understanding amino acids. And while science of this type might usually intimidate us, we are open to wrapping our brains around things whenever food is involved. Because, yes, they come to us through, not just supplements, but a wide array of protein-rich foods.

Many foods you are probably eating right now to maintain your fitness are full of amino acids. Foods that have the most are lean meat, fish, chicken, eggs, even dairy (which is getting a very bad rap lately). They are present in protein when it’s in its purest form. And, if you want to build muscle and burn fat, they are essential to that task. If you’re vegan you can also find many plant-based foods that offer essential amino acids, like quinoa and tofu.

Some of the more common amino acids you’ve probably heard of (since many come in supplement form) are Arginine or L-arginine, Glutamine, and Taurine. For a full list, call up a chemist (or just click here) so you can learn all there is to know about the science we are definitely not qualified to impart.

The Benefits

One of the most important things that amino acids do is store and transport vital nutrients through our bodies. Think of them like interconnecting subway lines running through your body and keeping everything on track and running smoothly. All aboard the amino acids train! Life’s essentials like water, carbs, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals are among the passengers.

They increase your endurance during a workout, promote muscle growth after exercise, and burn fat before, during, and after. Score! They can also reduce fatigue, increase focus, and benefit your overall performance for all the physical activities you undertake. Taking into account all the benefits of amino acids, it’s easy to see why they are essential for us to live our best lives.  

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