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10 Kids Club Activities That You Can Do Indoors

Our incredible Kids Club team wants to help you out with things to do during this time. We have come up with ten activities that you can do indoors with your family.

Published: 4/23/20

10 Kids Club Activities That You Can Do Indoors

Being home with the kids is a gift, of course. But, it also comes with many how-do-we-fill-this-time moments. Our incredible Kids Club team wants to help you out. We have come up with ten activities that you can do indoors with your family.

1 | Read Out Loud Together

Reading is not only a great way to learn and build up language skills, but it is a fun way to help your little ones use their imagination to dive into new and exciting worlds. 

2 | Make A Meal And Clean Up Together

Mealtime can either be a hassle or an event. Why not try and involve your family in mealtime from start to finish. Giving your little ones tasks like stirring, plating, and measuring ingredients is a wonderful learning experience. And, cleaning up afterward teaches them the responsibility to help around the house. 

3 | Have Craft Time

Crafting isn’t just a fun past-time for your family. Creating crafts can help your kids develop hand-eye coordination, fine-motor skills, and give your kids the confidence in knowing that they can create something all on their own! 

4 | Write Or Draw Something For A Loved One or Neighbor

And, if you are looking for a craft to do, creating a card or writing a letter for a loved one or neighbor can serve double-duty. Not only will your kid learn how to create, but they will also learn how to give. And, your loved one’s day will get a whole lot brighter when they receive this unexpected gesture. Writing and drawing for others is a great way to stay connected while social-distancing.

5 | Try A Family-Friendly Workout

Being in our homes more means that all of us need to get our wiggles out. So, a family workout could be a fantastic mid-day activity. You can find family-friendly exercises on Chuze On-Demand and our social media pages. 

6 | Learn A New Responsibility

Giving your children responsibilities early in life teaches them life skills, but it also makes them proud to say, “Hey, I did this all on my own!” So, take some time to teach your little ones to make the bed, clean up a meal, prepare a meal, or even pick up their toys. Establishing these habits early in their lives will help them to take on more responsibilities as they grow older.

7 | Play A Board Game Together

Game nights are all about fun, but that fun doesn’t mean there are some added, icing-on-the-cake benefits. The parts of your brain that work hard to memorize and think are active during board games. Non-digital games have shown to keep us sharp later in life, too, according to a study from the University of Edinburgh.

8 | Plant An Herb Garden

There’s nothing more satisfying than having recipe ingredients in your very own garden. And, the thing is, it’s relatively simple. Herb gardens are a great way to teach gardening skills to your little ones with just a portion of the responsibility. Unlike a veggie garden, herb gardens can be grown in a pot, indoors or outdoors, some herbs grow well in the shade, and they are beautiful to look at. 

9 | Play With Duplo Legos In The Bath

Legos are useful for kids and adults alike. Playing with Duplo Legos can help kids learn how to cooperate, teach them engineering skills, creativity, fine motor skills, and so much more. Plus, it will make bath time something they look forward to. In our books, anything that encourages a kid to create is a beautiful thing. Lego also has a ton of resources for your little ones to create and play on their website.

10 | Have A Fashion Show

Your little one’s imagination can go wild with a trip to the closet. Allow them to grab some clothes they have and do a little fashion show (we are no strangers to fashion shows around here). It’s a fun and free way to create a beautiful memory with your family!

Our Kids Club team misses seeing your kids every day. We hope that this information will help you to think of fun and educational ways to play with your kids and build memories that last a lifetime. Check out our website to find the Kids Club closest to you.

We look forward to seeing you very soon.

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