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The Best Health & Fitness Apps to Keep Your 2018 Resolutions

Whether you’re looking to jumpstart your health and fitness in 2018, or simply trying keep yourself accountable in the new year after an overindulgent holiday season, we’ve got your back. Here are some of our favorite apps to stay the course in 2018.


Yes, we know all about counting steps. But what about an app that makes it easier to count calories and log your daily food intake? MyFitnessPal lets you add food to its huge “Food Library” or even scan barcodes from your favorite packages so you can see what you’re really eating each day and keep track. The app also calculates daily vitamins and nutrients, too, so it’s not just about calorie intake or weight loss, but overall health as well.

Chuze Fitness

Of course, we’re going to let you know about our awesome app! Track your workouts from your smartphone and almost any piece of cardio equipment in the gym. You can even sync our app with other fitness apps to set and track fitness goals. Club members can also sign up to compete in Chuze fitness challenges to keep you motivated in your fitness journey.

Spotify Running

If you’ve ever had a hard time trying to find just the right music for your run, Spotify Running is here to be your savior. It matches your music to your running tempo by detecting your steps per minute and matching it to tracks with a similar beat. The app supports tempos between 140 and 190 steps per minute, so you gotta keep up the pace—it won’t work if you’re walking!

Zombies, Run!

If you need some fun to spice up your running game, why not set your soundtrack to a post-apocalyptic world where outrunning brain-devouring zombies is your motivation? In Zombies, Run! you hear zombie audio drama—grunts, gurgles, and groans—interspersed with your playlist, so you keep running to stay alive! It’s a totally-immersive running game where every jog becomes a mission in survival.

The Mindfulness App

Just as its name suggests, The Mindfulness App allows you to keep on top of your mental health through meditation reminders. There’s a library filled with premium meditation sessions (ranging from 3 to 30 minutes) as well as courses designed to keep you centered and focused. Set mindfulness reminders for yourself and receive affirmations throughout the day to keep you in a tip-top state of mind.


Choose from 1,000s of classes ranging in skill level from beginners to yoga guru! Just $18 a month gets you unlimited access and a ton of through-the-app classes. Yogaglo offers sessions for five minutes or two hours depending on your schedule, so finding your center is a cinch no matter your time constraints!


Who doesn’t want to be happy? Or, at least happier? The Happify app seeks to help its users deal with stress and negativity in positive, purposeful ways. After taking an assessment test that provides your current “happiness score,” the app uses the info to create a program intended to boost happiness through tools, teaching, coaching, and games. The goal: You’ll be a happier and more productive person!

Download one or download all. Here’s to you and your 2018 goals!