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What Our Trainers Eat for Breakfast

We know you’re curious, and maybe you’ve even been tempted to do it. But, you also don’t want anyone issuing a restraining order against you because you snuck a peek inside your trainer’s kitchen window early one Monday morning.

Yes, we all want to see what they really eat for breakfast, but there are no peeping Toms or Tamaras here. We got their permission to get the skinny on what two of your Chuze trainers are putting into their bodies every morning to keep them in tip-top shape.


Patrick Kissell B.S., NASM CPT
Coach and Lead Trainer
Patrick Kissel Trainer and Coach at Chuze Fitness telling us what trainers eat for breakfast

What do you eat for breakfast during the week?

During the work week my breakfast is pretty consistent. I always have 6 to 8 eggs a day (2 whole eggs and the rest are egg whites), whether it be scrambled or sunny side up. I will also either eat oatmeal with it (1 cup with almond milk, berries and a pinch of brown sugar…sometimes I’ll add peanut butter!) or rice and sometimes even corn tortillas. I always eat some sort of fruit with my breakfast as well.

Do you eat the same breakfast every morning? Why or why not?

This is pretty much every single day…I know, not super-exciting! I’m a creature of habit, plus eggs are easy to cook in the morning…especially if you are getting up at 4AM.

Do you let yourself indulge a bit on the weekend?

I do indulge on the weekends, kind of a reward for eating as healthy as I do during the week. I have my occasional slip-ups during the week—I am still human—and I love food!

What is your favorite weekend breakfast indulgence?

If I do go to brunch on the weekend, I like to indulge in a hearty breakfast of either one of two items: Chorizo with eggs and bacon, or biscuits and gravy with eggs and bacon. If you can’t tell: I love bacon!

Would you say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? If so, why? If not, why not?

I would 100% completely agree with the statement that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. A.) It jumpstarts your body for the day, and fuels it for the long day ahead. B.) Breakfast helps boost your metabolism. Here’s the best way to think about eating: Eat like a king/queen in the morning, a prince/princess at lunch, and then eat like a pauper in the evening. In other words, start big and go smaller and smaller throughout the day (hope this helps everyone)!

What would clients be surprised to learn about you and your eating habits?

When I was in high school, and during my first year or two in college, I didn’t eat breakfast. I was usually too tired in the morning, and to be honest, sometimes even lazy. Once I really started focusing on my diet, I saw how beneficial eating breakfast was to my daily living and especially with my workouts and playing football.

Courtney Nielsen
Coach and Personal Trainer
Courtney Nielsen Trainer and Coach at Chuze Fitness telling us what she eats for breakfast

What do you eat for breakfast each morning during week?

I like eating protein-filled, high-fat, breakfasts—like eggs with cheese and spinach! That’s if I eat breakfast.  Sometimes I prefer to “drink” my breakfast!  I have found that one of the most effective things for me in terms of mental focus, fat loss, and digestion is having something called “bulletproof coffee” or a high-fat coffee involving coconut oil and heavy cream.  

Do you eat the same thing for breakfast each morning?

I don’t eat the same breakfast every morning, but I am very habitual. I make sure to always have my coffee—which I am addicted to and I always add the most amazing BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) called Iso-Amino Coffee Creamer Bliss; it tastes like melted ice cream in my iced coffee! I vary my breakfast based on how much time I have and what workout I’m doing that day!  I love D’s Naturals protein bars for breakfast (I use those for when I’m on the go or doing a workout in the morning). Otherwise I have protein-powder pancakes from my cookbook, Protein Powder Cooking, Beyond the Shake, eggs, or Greek yogurt.  Most often, though, I hold off on eating for a few hours and stick to my coffee with BCAAs. This allows my body to keep burning fat longer.

Do you let yourself indulge a bit on the weekend?

I do let myself have a bit of fun on the weekends, but lately it hasn’t been so much an “indulgent’ breakfast as one where I take the time to make! I spend more time making eggs, protein-powder pancakes, or, like this weekend, low-carb Cheesy Buns made into a sandwich with melted cheese and turkey!  (I provide free resources and recipes for whoever is interested through my blog, FitCakery.com) Although—I have to admit—my favorite weekend indulgence is actually Bailey’s and coffee. 🙂

Would you say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? If so, why? If not, why not?

Most important meal of the day? I think that is a really iffy statement, kind of like the rule we have for language: “i before e except after c…” where it’s only sometimes true and not in all cases!  I think it’s definitely important for people who are growing, like kids, most athletes, or those who have a hard time maintaining body mass…or if you plan to lift heavy weights first thing in the morning! But, I believe that intermittent fasting (IF) can also be a very useful tool for those who use it correctly. Do your research on that to see if it may be right for you. It can extend fat burning through the morning and help ease the body into switching to a fat-burning state if you’re trying to do a low-carb plan. I could go on for days about meal timing, carb cycling, etc. but I’ll keep it to this info for now!


What would clients be surprised to learn about you and your eating habits?

I’m not sure my clients would be too surprised about anything since I’m pretty open with them about what my goals are and how I eat to achieve them. But, at the same time, they know that I’m human, too!  Most of them know that I’m kind of a beer snob. I am also always in search of the best pizza and sushi in town! While I can connect with them on that level, I can also use my “vices” to explain how to live life in balance and avoid pitfalls like getting out of control every time I have a “cheat” moment. The goal is to be able to live life, and enjoy favorite foods and drinks in moderation. I teach this every day, and I lead by example!

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