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Diet Talk: You’ve Heard About Whole30, But What Is It?

If you want to change your life in 30 days, this might just be considered the golden ticket. The trick to obtaining this ticket? Sticking to a very strict eating plan (notice we didn’t say “diet” plan?)

Whole30 requires a 30-day commitment and because of its strict nature, the program insists you stick to the plan for 30 days, or you do not pass “Go” and you do not collect $200. You must start all over again at Day 1. Ouch, that’s gonna hurt.

The Whole30 phenomenon is just a few years old, but the Whole30 way of life still remains top of mind for so many looking to get fit and healthy—and stay that way.

What is Whole30?

It’s all about clean eating, and clearly, it all starts with what we put in our bodies. Eating clean (and eating well) can be tough, but if you commit to the process, you’ll reap the rewards (more on that later). It all starts with food; that’s even the name of one of the books to keep you committed to the plan: It Starts With Food digs into the science behind the effectiveness of the program. Eating healthy food can change not only your body and your health, but your life.

The concept might seem simple, but the Whole30 has amassed a fanbase that’s fiercely dedicated to it. If you go over to their website at the, you’ll find people sharing their inspirational stories of not just weight loss, but entire life changes. The plan promises to help its participants change their relationships with food and transform how they think about what they put in their mouths because of how it affects their bodies and their lives.


Why Do Whole30?

Just as pancakes, bacon, and eggs benny are not the breakfast of champions, pizza, Cheetos, and meals grabbed from the freezer and popped in the microwave, do not a healthy body make. Eating food full of chemicals and preservatives takes a toll on our bodies. The Whole30 way of eating—and way of life—ensures that your body is living and thriving from nutritious foods that make you feel your best.

You don’t have to track calories or step on a scale and weigh in while following the Whole30 plan. It’s possible that you might miss that morning bagel, or cream in your coffee, but after a few days, the plan suggests that these cravings will go away. You won’t be depriving your body, because you will be eating lots of great food. It will just be different food, healthy food, or at least healthier food than you previously ate before the plan.

When you take the focus off the weight loss (you’re only supposed to weigh yourself on Day 1 and Day 30), you’ll focus on the food. Don’t worry, along the journey, you’ll see and feel clothes fitting better after just a week on the plan…if you stick to it.

A plate of greens and grilled chicken with a bottle of sparkling water for Whole30

What is its Success Rate?

This all depends on the person, and your level of commitment. It can be tough because of its strict dietary requirements (and some might say limitations). But, if you can stick to a clean-eating plan, you will reap the benefits which can include: weight loss, clearer skin, and increased energy levels.

The good news is your body will be re-programmed to not crave “bad” food (and you’ll be less inclined to snatch a chicken nugget from your kid’s dinner plate). You’ll get good at eating healthy food, and discover new recipes that actually taste great. Your body adapts, and after 30 days you will no longer long for that slice of greasy pepperoni.

Since you’ll feel better overall, your workouts will improve and you may even look forward to them. You’ll also sleep better, and you’ll learn which foods actually make you feel lousy once you try them again after the 30 days are up. Come one, we know you just can’t wait for a glass of wine or a cube of cheese!

Can you make the commitment?