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16 Quotes For When You Need A Little Gym Motivation

It’s the middle of summer and—for most of us—gym motivation is far from our reach.

At Chuze, we know that with barbecues, celebrations, and summer in general, it can be hard to stay on track. So, we’ve gathered the 16 motivational memes that you have liked the most over this past year and compiled them into a listicle for you for some gym-spiration!

Read ‘em and then send ‘em to a friend who needs some extra motivation to get through the final weeks of summer.

1 | When you aren’t seeing the changes that you are working so hard for:

'Slow progress is better than no progress' gym motivation

2 | For those days when you feel a bit defeated:

3 | When it’s time for some tough love everyone needs from time to time:

'In order to get fir you have to get rid of your excuses.' gym motivation

4 | Success can be found in your diet:

5 | For those times when you need to love yourself:

'Workout because you love your body' gym motivation

6 | Keep on keepin’ on:

'Don't quit, do it.' gym motivation

7 | Turning “I can’t” into “I get to”:

8 | The first few weeks are the hardest:

9 | You are perfect exactly as you are:

10 | Make the most of your time:

'Someone busier than you is working out right now.' Gym motivation

11 | When you need to create a new habit:

'Give yourself 21 days. 21 days of consistency is all it takes to form a habit.

12 | Working on them glutes like:

'You're not going to get the butt you want by sitting on it!'

13 | Think about the hours ahead of you, not behind you:

'Don't ruin a good today by thinking of a bad yesterday.'

14 | Sometimes, the best therapy can be found in the gym:

'Sometimes it's not about building muscle or being healthy. Sometimes it's therapy." Gym motivation.

15 | When you need inspiration for that colorful plate:

'Don't diet, just eat healthy.'

16 | If you want the muscle, you have to hustle:

'Hustle for that muscle.'


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