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How to Forgive Yourself after the Holiday 10

After your office party, your spouse’s office party, a host of get-togethers with friends, and all the huge (obligatory) family meals, you finally get the nerve to face that bathroom scale: Ten. New. Pounds. You’d done so well before the non-stop string of festivities — exercising regularly, eating well, and graciously turning your head at the no-no foods. How can you forgive yourself and move on?

Own It

The ten pounds are there. You have to own this in order to move past it. No blaming Aunt Sue for making the doggone best mashed potatoes this side of the Euphrates, and no putting this off on your mother-in-law for insisting you try her (oh my, how delicious) sweet potato casserole.

Why is it important to accept the blame? Because you’ve got to realize that nobody controls your health and your weight but you. Owning this boo boo helps you put the responsibility for your healthy lifestyle where it belongs — with you.

Put It in Perspective

Okay, so you own all those sinful bites and accept responsibility. Now it’s time to realize — it’s not really a big deal. Yes, your pants are a little snug and you’re not quite as hyped about checking yourself out in the bathroom mirror, but in the grand scheme of things, this is minor.

Ten pounds isn’t 100 pounds. You can lose this in just a few short weeks, and be right back on track toward meeting your goals. The real problem would be if you simply didn’t care that you gained the weight and went on about your business without a thought of your health and well-being.

Address It

You own it, and you realize it’s not that big of a deal. Now it’s time to figure out what you’re going to do about it. Are you going to check out exciting new exercise programs like zumba or kettlebell classes? Maybe you’ll be more motivated to try out an exercise program, personal training or perhaps take up a cycling class? Pick something that is interesting to you so you’ll be motivated to go. Ask a friend to join you; you’re definitely not the only one sitting around with ten extra pounds via turkey and dressing.

Develop a good eating plan that you can stick to, and put together a menu that gives you lots of nutrients while keeping calories and fat counts low. With a good plan for eating right and a solid exercise plan in place, you’re ready to tackle these pesky ten pounds and get back to where you want to be.

Learn From It

Taking a stroll down holiday-eating memory lane might seem counter-productive, but it’s a good way to identify what your triggers were that knocked you off track. Was there a particular food you couldn’t turn down? Was there stress eating involved due to the hectic schedule? Did you tend to eat more around certain people? Identify the triggers that set you up for overeating. Then develop a solid plan for countering these triggers in the future.

Some good strategies for avoiding future mishaps include:

      • Eating a healthy snack on the afternoon before a big party, so you don’t arrive famished and overeat on the unhealthier stuff.
      • Drink plenty of pure water the day of a big feast, so you get fuller faster before you overeat.
      • Get plenty of rest! If you’re overly tired, it’s harder to be strong in the face of temptations.
      • Allow yourself one “cheat” per holiday party or family feast. If you let yourself indulge in one super-special treat (can you say pie?) it’s easier to say no to all the other temptations on the table.

With a healthy eating plan and a good exercise regimen, you can have those ten pounds off in five weeks or less. In fact, you’ll have forgotten all about them in time to enjoy your Valentine’s Day plans! Buy a special outfit to wear for the occasion in your smaller size. This will encourage you to stick with it until those ten pounds are as gone as the gift wrap.